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John Uchida
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April 6, 2011
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Soloway Jump Shifts
From BBO notes, "Strong jump shifts are only from the 1 level to a higher suit on the 2 level. Jumps to a lower suit on the 3 level are natural and invitational."
!S Jx !H AKxx !D AKxxx !C xx
You could create a 2nd bidding poll for the auction that starts 1 - 1.
2019 Cavendish Pairs in Monaco
There used to be a PGA tournament called The International. In the early years of the tournament, the field was cut after every round, and the winner was based only on the final round score.
3 practice finesses on one hand! all winning!
No club finesse on the opening lead?
Bot Programming Perhaps Last Time
I assume you were using BBO's basic bots and not the advanced bots. The basic bots randomly and inexplicably make crazy, 0% bids and plays that nobody can explain. The BBO explanation is that basic bots have limited processing time and don't use the most advanced algorithms to ...
Robot Blanks King - Watch Out!
Any intermediate defender would know declarer does not have a club remaining because with AJx would have won the jack at trick one to make 3 club tricks. GIB doesn't remember/analyze that declarer would have made the a different club play at trick one with 3 clubs. Sometimes ...
Bot Programming Perhaps Last Time
I don't see any money savings since the announcement said that apps and software were going to remain the same (separate). Funbridge has their own bridge bots. Since nobody seems to know how to substantially modify BBO's GIB bots except the inventor who is out of the picture ...
Bot Programmer Definitely Mixed a Variety of Substances
GIB loves to "rescue" partner when holding a void. Fuzzyquack got lucky when North did not rescue again with 6 over 5
Bot Programmer Was Not Always Sober
East-West GIBs do know that J is not guaranteed to be a singleton. Look at the descriptions for 2NT, 3NT and 6NT which show "1-2 S". The bots know that declarer can have 1 or 2 spades. Presumably the East bot can figure out that declarer does not have the ...
A Recommendation for USA Bridge
The ACBL has plenty of money. Management and the BOD could afford to flush 2 million dollars for a zero return in software in the past few years. We can probably afford 2 or 3 more years of NABC's with Honolulu size losses. Let's not worry until the ...
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