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John Uchida
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April 6, 2011
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A Recommendation for USA Bridge
The ACBL has plenty of money. Management and the BOD could afford to flush 2 million dollars for a zero return in software in the past few years. We can probably afford 2 or 3 more years of NABC's with Honolulu size losses. Let's not worry until the ...
Nice GIB's declarer's play
GIB isn't trying to make a deceptive play in diamonds. It's just making a random play because double dummy, those diamonds are all equal. If South read the 9 as a true card (e.g. J9, J109, etc), South should be planning to cash another top diamond and ...
$375K ACBL Boondoggle & Hawaii Fallout!
Kudos to ACBL management for only losing $375K on the CRM software. Any loss less than $1M has to be considered a success.
Meckwell versu Cappelletti
Under the GCC chart under Competitive, 7. DEFENSE TO: a) conventional calls (except see #10 RESPONSES and REBIDS above and #7 under DISALLOWED below), b) natural no trump opening bids and overcalls, except that direct calls, other than the following, must have at least one known suit. - Double - Two Clubs ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Gwynn, Alex - Interestingly enough, Wikipedia has an entry about Plagiarism, If you take the time to read the article, you might want to apply the duck test,
percentage play in trump for 1 loser
Play the ace the first trick, and if the queen, jack or 8 are played by LHO, then go to dummy and run the 9. Picks up the offside singleton queen, jack, or 8 for 1 loser and loses 2 tricks to void or singleton 2 or 3.
ACBL Search Committee Up and Rolling
A reasonable person might ask whether that first step was already done for the last CEO search. If the answer is yes, the followup question should be "What went wrong and how can we fix the search?". Or maybe the BOD needs to get some outside "counselling" to be more ...
BBO Bots score 70% at the club
On the BBO forums, BBO representatives have said that a couple of years ago, GIB bots scored about 55% in robot MP tournaments where 1 human plays with 3 bots. They keep doing periodic bug fixes so I think that percentage could be a few percent higher these days. No ...
Mastering the Robots
>> "(1) The bots analyze play positions double-dummy. If a finesse is onside, they know that you know that, so that card becomes useless." >> "(2) If bots drop the highest cards from equals, stupid humans, who aren't counting, may lose track, and the bots gain a trick." >> "Humans might well ...
My Sorry Sat. Botner Practice
Board 12 - I know your post was supposed to be about the GIB bots so I won't comment on what you actually had, but never make an offshape takeout double playing with GIB. Even if you show a strong single suited hand or big NT hand later, GIB still ...
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