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John Torrey
John Torrey
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March 28, 2011
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Bridge Director
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Semi-retired as ACBL director after 16 years. Still thinking and writing about the game; no "full time" partnerships

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Three and a half articles by me were published in the Bridge World (1990s). My Bridge Cartoon is st
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Triangle BC, Durham NC
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John Torrey's bidding problem: A42 T863 JT2 KJ7
Just checking. I am aware that I balance less than some would. I admit I didn't think it close at the time.
John Torrey's bidding problem: A42 T863 JT2 KJ7
North & South had ♠ 8 7 ♥ K 7 ♦ A Q 9 8 ♣ A Q 8 5 3 ♠ J 10 9 5 ♥ A 9 5 4 2 ♦ 6 5 3 ♣ 6 East led a club and (with no remarkable brilliance or blunders) 1 made 1 - which was the only plus for ...
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Law 70A "...the Director adjudicates the result of the board as equitably as possible to both sides..." This would seem to make equity a strong consideration. That said, claims with unstated lines are common, and a common source of possibly unnecessary distress. I think it would improve the Laws to ...
Winning Leads
These books have been Important to my own game. I have quibbles (they do not give enough focus on partner's expected strength, and their matchpoint slam analysis ignores that when opponents make a slam against you where your lead matters, you are looking at 30% or so at best ...
Vu-Bridge Bacon Day Hand
Right! And a pretty play it is. West has Q J 10 7 6 J 9 x x A J 9 8 The analysis after the hand says, "The biding shows a dummy with exactly five Hearts, four Diamonds, three Spades and one Club. The opponents have taken advantage of ...
Is there a trick to lose
Law 90: "The Director...may also assess procedural penalties for any offense that unduly delays or obstructs the game, inconveniences other contestants, violates correct procedure..." Many of these apply here. I would not do this in my club, but higher the level of this event, the more I feel a ...
Trick 2 Defense
The hand is from Winning Suit Contract Leads, by David Bird and Taf Anthias (page 71 in my edition). West has 8 2 A 9 6 3 7 5 K Q 8 5 4 "..let's follow the play in 2 when West makes the approved lead of the ...
Has this happened to anyone else?
Bracketed KO. Round 1: 3-way small win, big loss Round 2: 3-way small win (beating the team we lost to in round 1), big loss. Round 3 close win head-up vs team that blitzed us in round 2. Round 4 loss. Second overall, with one net-winning session and net-plus vs ...
Director Problem
ACBLScore: First the movement should be changed (EDMove) to have the pairs actually playing the board as oppnents for that board. (It will ask if this is a "partial round adjustment". It is.) The correct pair that did not get to play should get the equivalent of average plus, possibly ...
2NT and puppet stayman
Using 3 to get to 3NT may give information to the defense. Evsn 2NT 3 3 3NT gives such information, as do auctions with other opener rebids. In addition, the artificial 3NT response may be forgotten - not so bad when opener forgets and passes, but really bad ...

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