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John Torrey
John Torrey
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March 28, 2011
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Director
about me
Semi-retired as ACBL director after 16 years. Still thinking and writing about the game; no "full time" partnerships

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Three and a half articles by me were published in the Bridge World (1990s). My Bridge Cartoon is st
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Triangle BC, Durham NC
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A bad start
I like following the Laws. I pick 81C5.
Claim Ruling
The statement quoted is clear enough. I endorse it. What is less clear is how we deal with claims where this is not done. (The Laws frequently say that a player "should" do something, without providing a penalty for not doing so.) The Laws do not require us to disallow ...
Claim Ruling
"Make sure your statement is watertight." Good advice to claimers, but not the standard required by the Laws for allowing the claim, and we should not confuse the two. My own standard is that the line should meet some level of "obvious." I thought the case here met that standard ...
Claim Ruling
When I was an active ACBL director, we were instructed to distinguish between "bad claims" and "good claims, badly stated." This is clearly the latter. Ask yourself four questions: Is the flaw in the statement fatal? (I refer to the 2008 Laws - don't have the new ones for reference ...
Play in 1NT
West had K 8 5 3 K 9 3 Q J 10 9 8 J I was declarer. I won the third diamond and played a heart to the 10, then finessed the spade return. I could have salvaged three club tricks at the end to make 1NT, but didn ...
The Return of the Hand Pirate
A count-losers approach: If the diamond finesse wins I have one spade loser, no diamond losers (trumping the fourth in the dummy), and two club losers. If the finesse loses I can still make when diamonds are 3-3, by discarding a club from dummy on my fourth diamond and ruffing ...
John Torrey's bidding problem: K6 K864 8765 KQ7
This is board 10 of the Instant Matchpont game. East had AQJ10 x AJx Axxxx (I was South.) East thought 3 was a major underbid. There was discussion about whether 2 was a reverse or a jump shift. I thought it 3 was a good mainstream choice ...
Question from Opponent after Dummy comes down
Did anyone else spend time wondering whether the auction was 1 Pass 1 Pass 1NT and not 1 1 1NT All Pass? It's the former.
John Torrey's bidding problem: K9653 KQ62 AK52 ---
East had AQxxxx, xx, --, JTxxx. At the table, West bid 4 and it made 7 on a diamond lead. 3 looks like an unlucky start, but when East bids 4 (not 4!) that is probably enough to get to 6.
John Torrey's bidding problem: AQT6 K632 4 QT75
Fixed, at least partly.

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