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Rohit Dubey's bidding problem: xx AKxx AQJT xxx
Can you share partner’s hand that she did not open?
Assess the credit. What is the best bid?
What is 2C-2D-3S? I believe many forcing club players have this as 6 and 5.
Natural Club Responses to 1!S?
In my favourite partnership we play a forcing club system with weak notrumps and no Drury so... 2 is game forcing and shows real clubs 3 is the dreaded Bergen 4-card limit raise 4 is a splinter 5 would be Exclusion Blackwood but in 10 years ...
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The ace of hearts is played on page 4 and page 7.
Second trick decision
I know it’s matchpoints but I’m still rebidding diamonds with this hand
how do you bid this hand?
I suppose Oscar Wilde got his “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative” 44 yeas later from Emerson
How aggressive are you?
We open this hand 2NT to show 5/5 or better in the minors, but that will require a forcing club system of some kind
Stewart Rubenstein's bidding problem: A5 KQ96 QJT32 Q5
Playing 15-17 NT I think I’d open 1. For me, the Q is of doubtful value.
Mini Roman; I don't like it but . . .
We could do that for sure, but we rarely open Mini Roman. Our 2 opener only promises 5 clubs, and we play weak no trumps, so those two bids come up much more often.
Mini Roman; I don't like it but . . .
I just PM’d you our system notes for Mini Roman . I’m not a huge fan of it either but we have to play it in our forcing club system. For example, we can’t open 1 when weak (11-15 hcp) and 4 4 4 1.

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