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John R. Mayne
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Aug. 31, 2011
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Came in second in Australian Bridge bidding forum in 2013.

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Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: AKT852 A6 K AT52
Richard Fleet and I both posted the original problem, and it's close between 1 and double, with very good players on both sides. I've been playing roughly unlimited overcalls on inflexible hands since Eric Kokish popularized the treatment in the before-times and I'm sold. Kieran is ...
Explain this play
Huh. I've seen errors before of this general type (chucking a high card wrongly) but generally those had one of the following explanations: 1. Bot thinks it's hopeless (often due to human bidding ecccentricity) and so makes zero-percent pitch because it does not appreciate zero-if-everyone-is-honest is different than ...
The World's most complete bridge player.
Just adding a data point: I play in the same house with partner and it's a non-issue. We've never had yelling back and forth on bridge issues ("Computer froze," "Cat is murdering something," "Getting the door," yes, "Claim now, it's cold," no.)
YBTJ: Wrong slam
6N is the worst bid in this mess. I'd end up in 7D on this layout for certain, which isn't cold or anything but is pretty good. 3N is bad - should show slow spades and nothing outside - but 6N is amazingly bad.
The World's most complete bridge player.
A legal note for Peter and Christopher: Peter's in Great Britain, which so friendly to defamation claims that there's a thing called "libel tourism." I shall not opine further on British law, since I don't actually know it well. Christopher lives in the US, a country where ...
The World's most complete bridge player.
JoAnn's runthrough seems accurate to me. "Rid our wonderful game of all cheats." - Andrew Sobell, 5/15/2019 The excuses (and the threat to take "other action" against the author) are a definite thing with cheaters. I concur with everyone that a full accounting is necessary before a comeback ...
An 'unfortunate' 3N - plan the play
I don't agree. I think the North hand is an opener, and I'm not a guy who opens K432 K43 QJ9 QJ2 in first or second seat. (I tell people who ask that I open fewer 12-counts and more 10-counts than most.) The tens are working, the 9 ...
George Irving Brown restricted choice question
Play the ace on the first round. George is likely to split from KQx.
FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
I'd bet against it.
FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
I'm well up lifetime at poker and I'm not actually good compared to anyone you've heard of. Pick the right Vegas games and winning is possible. Also, it may be that I've been lucky - big tournament wins require some luck.

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