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John Portwood
John Portwood
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Aug. 23, 2011
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about me

Now in Mid 50s, have been member of one bridge club for 40 years - and pretty well play in the one club. Widowed with one youth and nearly retired.

I like to think that I am a highly ethical, polite and considerate to partner and opponents.


United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Overcalling a multi 2D on a six card spade suit - only to find that that was the suit intended.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning a pack of 6 mixer drinks in an EBU magazine competition
Regular Bridge Partners
Professor WJ Zakrzewski
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Favorite Tournaments
Don't play in any.
Favorite Conventions
My own!
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I cheat
Seems a pretty clear case of unauthorised panic. I would not regard this situation as tough - you have a nearly solid diamond suit, heart tolerance and a ruffing value to go with partner's seven or eight card suit. Why didn't you XX?
How do you rule on this sitiuation
95%+ of the law is perfectly reasonable. It is just difficult for the law to clearly state what should happen in every eventuality. The law also assumes that the TD can be in full possession of the facts at the time of the infraction. This can be very difficult, especially ...
How do you rule on this sitiuation
I can't see how 2 doubled can be bid: West bids 2, North passes and surely east now passes since he didn't alert 2 he must think it to be natural.
How do you rule on this sitiuation
I assume that EW confirming the agreement means at the end of the hand, rather than when asked. I see no problem with North failing to make enquiries - some pairs use natural escapes when 1NT is doubled. So East should alert and say basically as he did - that he can ...
How do you rule on this sitiuation
Just because you forget an agreement doesn't mean that there isn't one.
How do you rule on this sitiuation
He doesn't but East is going to tell him that he can't remember. So the only other possible source of info is from West - assuming there are no CCs.
“Could have been aware” - when doesn’t it apply?
Even if "could have been aware" were removed from this it would still apply under law 72C. I think the catchphrase is purely to ensure equity is obtained without forcing a procedural penalty on the person who broker tempo (which would happen if the law was "A player must not ...
Psyches - and fielding them
I don't think so - you might make 3H or you might make 4H. As I understand it 1NX-4 (the equivalent) is worth a bit more than +620. Even 1NX-1 beats a heart partial.
Psyches - and fielding them
I'm just quoting what I interpret as EBU policy - if partner's bidding appears to allow for the psych then that is regarded as fielding - which the EBU regard as having an illegal agreement. The EBU have three classifications. "green" - no evidence of fielding: no adjustment. Two 'green' psychs ...
Psyches - and fielding them
In the EBU a fielded (red) psych is one where the psycher's partner has taken action that appears to allow for his partner having psyched. "If a player believes, from partnership experience, that partner may have deviated from the system this must be disclosed to the opponents. If a ...
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