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John Portwood
John Portwood
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Aug. 23, 2011
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Now in Mid 50s, have been member of one bridge club for 40 years - and pretty well play in the one club. Married with one youth and work in insurance.

I like to think that I am a highly ethical, polite and considerate to partner and opponents.


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Overcalling a multi 2D on a six card spade suit - only to find that that was the suit intended.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning a pack of 6 mixer drinks in an EBU magazine competition
Regular Bridge Partners
Professor WJ Zakrzewski
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Don't play in any.
Favorite Conventions
My own!
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How would you rule?
But if the defender waits until dummy actually plays the card as declarer's agent then you should be OK. If dummy places in the played position a card that declarer did not name, the card must be withdrawn if attention is drawn to it before each side has played ...
Fourth-suit (artificial) Forcing
It may be a good ides to read the CCard about the double - in the EBU --------- If a partnership agrees to make take-out doubles of suit bids on almost all hands with opening bid values including length in opener’s suit, this should be disclosed on the system card. Similarly ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
Well if the person with a singleton has no trumps either then both will cash - and from the hands shown on this thread a 6-6-1 hand appears to occur very frequently.
Depends on how many A part-score of bridge players <9 A game of bridge players 9-11 A slam of bridge players.12+
How would you rule?
What does "protect the rest of the field" mean? After any hand the total matchpoints won is constant - whether they are 20-0, 10-10, or 0-20. AFAIK there is nothing in the laws about 'protecting the field' - the appropriate law is LAW 85 ‐ RULINGS ON DISPUTED FACTS When the Director is ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
Jon I want to let my rook move diagonally as well - it will give me an advantage when playing opponents at chess. I would also like to be able to capture a group of stones in Go when they have two 'eyes'. Unfortunately, I don't think I can do ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
If you get told that your opponent's hand is "Strong" - without any further clarification, you are going to be in the mindset of not competing because you fear that your partner is short of values and you may go down a packet - and you are likely to be losing ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
The EBU presumably want to differentiate between hands that are either "FG or we will sock the opponents" and hands that are "FG but opponents might be making game as well (or even a slam)" With due respect, you are concentrating only on 13 cards, rather than 52. Opponents pay ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
Please note that the use of the word 'strong' must include 16+ HCP \/ 12+ HCP and 5+controls [b] as a minimum [/b]. This creates problems - if your agreement is that a 'strong' bid is 16+ points only then if you play intermediate jump overcalls you could do so on ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
The line has to be drawn somewhere - otherwise we get into conundrums like "Is a man with 1 hair on his head, bald? etc" "Is 50 books a library? How about 10? or 5? or 2?" At least in the EBU the new definition is easier to implement as the ...
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