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John Nothdurft
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July 20, 2018
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Bidding questions from TCG hand
Ed, doesn’t 4 show first round control though?
Bidding questions from TCG hand
What would 2-2-4 infer? Just a weaker shutout of some type with very long ?
Demanding revoke correction
Exactly my point. The trick has to be won. There is no automatic penalty.
Demanding revoke correction
Why do I keep reading people saying that revoking is an automatic one trick penalty?
Demanding revoke correction
Like Ed says, it's all about establishing the revoke. Let's say hypothetically that North is declaring and East revokes. Trick is finished. North leads to the next trick, but somebody points out that that East revoked on the previous trick. It's not established until East/West plays ...
Demanding revoke correction
Not true. It's NOT an automatic penalty. Defender revokes on Trick #1. Declarers win all 13 tricks anyway. Are they supposed to write "making 8" in the computer? You can't make 14 tricks.
Demanding revoke correction
You don't automatically get an extra trick. Hypothetically, if they didn't win the revoke trick, and their side didn't win any other tricks, you don't gain anything. Also, the director can still adjust scores (after the penalty) if the revoke led to a contract that the ...
Looking for consensus
Isn't 4 a shutout bid?
What's in a Name?
I would stay far, far away from anything MAGA related. Not because I'm liberal, just because you don't want any sniff of politics associated with it. I was teaching a class of completely new players a couple of weeks ago, and it took me an hour just for ...
What's in a Name?
Seriously, there's some absolutely terrible names suggested here.

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