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July 20, 2018
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What's a "Comparable Call"?
The confusing part for some directors is the use of "X" after an insufficient bid. I think that could use some clarification. You CAN use a "X" to show a comparable bid, or you CAN'T? ------------- LAW27B. Insufficient Bid Not Accepted: If an insufficient bid in rotation is not accepted ...
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
My bad. It’s a doubleton. Get back to declarer via the king of and then try to finesse the king. My apologies. Either way don’t just freely give up the queen of .
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
The King is in West. He could win with the Ace of , then play low to the Queen. Sure the king is going to win, but now you won't have to sacrifice the Queen when that happens.
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
Why in the world would you lead the Queen of from dummy? You literally are wasting a trick.
Looking for help from "bot" users
My facility definitely has good wireless. I just can't find where on the site I'm supposed to go to upload the game file and start the table and stuff. I think I spent most of the time at the V3 site, but that didn't help either. I ...
Looking for help from "bot" users
Weird, it had my download/update my Flash last night.
Looking for help from "bot" users
I can't even figure out where to go to upload LIN hand records or set up a teaching table to connect to the tablets that I have. I called club services last night and the guy that answered didn't have the first clue. I'm sitting here reading ...
Game Results? Issue
Yeah, the ADJ thing is what we did, just in a roundabout way to get to that screen. You're 100% correct. Thank you.
Game Results? Issue
OK, I've found the BWS file. So that's good.
Game Results? Issue
I'm in search of the BWS file. This computer's a bit different than my home club.

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