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John Nichols
John Nichols
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March 20, 2011
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Dec. 7
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Bridge Director

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Indianapolis Bridge Center
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Non Life Master
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How Does Your Club Handle Director Pay, Recruiting, Partnerships, etc?
1. Mostly by the session with a small bonus for larger games 2. Again, a small bonus for running 2 games at once. We have one director run 2 games with our smaller games. They don't total as many tables as our larger games. 3. A small bonus for ...
Disposing of old cards
Visited Alcatraz a few years back. Apparently Bridge was a common recreation there. They had a display that included an old Autobridge. Surprised me - the one my mom had from the 50s and that I learned on was metal with somewhat sharp edges. Seemed like a bad idea for a ...
Live 4 Clubs and USEBIO files
Apparently it can't handle individual games either
Sometimes 2 small games in 1 room - same start time - 1 director - 1 computer Sometimes 2 games in 2 rooms - same start time - 1 directors - 1 computer Sometimes 2 games in 2 rooms -start times differ by 1 hour - 2 directors - 1 computer. Sometimes 2 games in 2 rooms - start ...
A pet peeve
The heart of the problem is that teachers explain a convention (not just this one) but fail to explain the alert/announce requirements that go along with it.
ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee
The club I play at is a not-for-profit and is a membership organization. Lifetime membership costs $50 and gets you a $2 per session discount in open games and voting rights. 99 percent plus of the folks in the open games are members. The limited games not quite that many ...
Looking for a bridge club in Southampton
Can you be a bit more specific? Which Southampton?
Two questions on team games
1) Simple answer - because no one has written the code into ACBLScore to make it work. I have 4 programs that do a good job of running a Swiss with bridgemates but the scores have to be transferred to ACBLScore 2) I wish it were the only strange "feature" in ...
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Wizards of the Coast makes their money selling new decks of cards with new monsters, new powers, etc. I quit playing Magic the Gathering when I realized that I would be spending lots of money just to play at home with friends. Imagine if the ACBL added a new suit ...
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Directors don't get $189 per session, that is what the ACBL charges. Some of that goes to the director, depending on the director's pay rate. $91.50 per diem in very few places (like New York City). Here in midwest its usually more like $50 or $55. I ...
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