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John Moschella
John Moschella
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Sept. 23, 2012
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Nov. 17
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United States of America

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Bob Dennard, Susi Ross, Paul Dennis, Tanus Aksu, Scott Weiss, John Brady
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Orlando, FL and Deland FL.
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Mechanical error
I guess it depends on auction. If partner opened 2 and opponents bid 1 claiming a mechanical error I believe that I should be able to accept this call even if opponent intended to bid 2. If opponent bid 2 director would need to evaluate hand ...
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
At 2 tables 1 pair is in 3N and the other is in 6 clubs. I expect there to be a large imp swing unless both go down. 1 pair in 3 Spades the other in 4 spades. Again large imp swing unless they both go down 1. Great declarer ...
John Moschella's bidding problem: AKQ QJ8xxx --- J9xx
My hand was 2 void 74 and I bid 3 diamonds expecting hearts to be breaking badly (they were 52 behind) clubs makes 2 on ace and a club lead or 3 without.
Claim ruling poll
Michael gives a good point. Once in a tournament after opening lead opponents claimed biffing an making 7N. Our teammate at the other table (who I would have thought a better declarer than one who claimed at our table) ended up blocking a suit and going down 1.
Claim ruling poll
One of the things not shown was there no other entry to the hand with the K7xxx of diamonds other than trick they are now winning. If there is an entry than I would always allow claim. If this was last entry to dummy I see the logic in not ...
Phil Ivey loses his appeal
The dealer and the casino employees are not my opponent when I am playing at a casino. The casino is. The employees still get paid. May lose their job if they are making these kind of mistakes. Maybe casino needed to make sure their employees were better trained.
Phil Ivey loses his appeal
Growing up I dealt a lot of "casino" nights and played at them also. You would find volunteer dealer's where they would pay blackjack odds when splitting aces which they weren't suppose to. They would flip both cards up and then turn the second one down. Obviously I ...
Phil Ivey loses his appeal
Reading above. At a tournament I ask caddies to help shuffle and deal since my opponents are not at table and my partner has difficulty. I ask caddy to show me top and bottom card after shuffling and before dealing and then tell him to put cards in slots so ...
Slip of the Tongue?
I answered loss of concentration. Anytime I have ever done this (I have a few times similar situation) where I believe in this situation declarer was planning on winning Q and then playing small to Ace but got a trick ahead of themselves. Yes we all know what they intended ...
My two favorite overcall situations. Especially P 1 2

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