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Sept. 5, 2016
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Oh, the pain
Sorry...will be showing my incompetence now....why does 6NT by north not make in first hand when hearts run and none of the others occur? I think I misread the post. I htought you were suggesting you took the safer auction because only one factor was needed, and sacrificed ...
Familiar face in a Chessbase article...
Guessed who it would be before looking. Oddly enough, Had considered writing one of your five-point "who-is-it" questions based on first clue - his being the only person on bridge winners that I will ever have spoken to (45 or so years ago).... wondered whether it could be put together in ...
European Champs - entry (commitment, and photos)
"...and if anything goes wrong with the tournament in any way possible, it will be entirely my fault...."
Opponents words cause misplay
BM. Clearly MB is being a Harlequin's advocate for entertainment's sake..... and, carrying on in such a vein, I don't think this refutes his argument. Once LHO says "I ruff" the card is played (assuming he said this before actually playing, as the wording would suggest this ...
Reporting your team's renege
I agree with this. Often the "automatic penalty" gives declarer an unusual trick that they could not have obtained otherwise. If the revoke led to no damage, then it reasonable not to bring it up. Opponents may be on their way to twelve tricks, and as you take your solitary ...
Fun thread. Unfortunately your "half-suited" and "third-suited" are not consistent with "two-suited" terminology. Otherwise the latter would be "two-thirds" suited if showing two of the other suits. And if no suits had been shown at this point, would be "two-quarters" suited......which, as we all know, would reduce to being ...
More VuGraph Coming
For non-Americans ( and non-NCIS fans), Zulu-time is....?....
You could call it a "oney" (pronounced 1A, or won-y, or one-y [all the same, with the emphasis on the first syllable] taken from the Scots pronunciation of "one of" (one ae) as in one-of-two or one-of-three or one-of-the-others.... (1A2, 1A3....) ....and depending on whether you are using 2clubs or ...
How would you rule?
Let's call it an accidental psyche. (Must feel bad if bidding a deliberate psyche to alert and explain to screenmate exactly what your bid is pretending to mean but doesn't)
USA2 Final, Segments 1 and 2
Not looking to restart yesterday's stooshie, but was there not maybe one interesting hand to be gleaned from the women's final?
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