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Sept. 5, 2016
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Would you call for the director?
JL has not suggested this, but one reason to ask such a question is to see whether South would expect this hand from the 2 diamond bid, thus you know what South based his bid on, and therefore have more inkling as to South's hand. This might be an ...
Would you call for the director?
I abstained as I had no idea what the explanation meant.
Would you ever refuse to play a particular opponent?
I thought you good players would be keen to get the chance to go head-to-head with these guys on a level playing-field. Cos they won't be able to do their stuff this time, will they? Like meeting up with the bully when he doesn't have his mates.
Active Ethics (Again)
Just for interest. Another aspect of playing and directing at same time. At the time I was running a "grading system", I noted that one of our directors, playing with the same partner, had a grading performance around 150 points lower when he was also directing. For EBU members, that ...
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
To give us an idea of The way the grading works, would the average pair in this event be "expected" to score 67.14% in a match-point tournament made up of them plus average players in the country?
Insufficient Bid
Hi Thanks for this. My initial confusion was caused by an intervening "bid" by Bud Hinkley, that I thought you were referring to (Blast these confusing overcalls!). This sounds very tricky, as you will have to decide whether the offending team team will find the perfect bids to deal with ...
Insufficient Bid
HK: It does indeed, and your definition seems based backwards from what you want to say. Am having trouble following this. "If you say that pass shows 0-10 points". No, I (one) didn't. A pass shows (arguably) 0-10 points, AND no feature that would make this an opening hand ...
Insufficient Bid
HJ: Cannot understand your last post. It seemed at one stage to suggest that equity was restored if you get to what would have happened if the OVERCALL had not taken place, but then I got lost in the brackets.
Insufficient Bid
HJ: Genuine apologies. It looks as if you genuinely do not know the difference between a subset and an intersecting set.
Insufficient Bid
And you pretend not to understand the difference between a subset and an intersecting set. I know you know the difference. You are simply happy to ignore this so that your "simple" approach is consistent. It may well be a good idea to simplify it thus, but it does not ...
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