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Sept. 5, 2016
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Open Lyon Discussion Thread
Who'd have thought. Makes my choice for winners more likely......
Venice Cup
Though it does mean they got into this position without playing them earlier....or do I misunderstand?
Why are there round robins in the World Team Championships?
Hope opinions all stay same at end of today.
Who Will Win the Bermuda Bowl?
A lot of abstains. Is this simply people who want to see the votes without nailing their colours to the mast? (As I do with some questions I am not qualified to attempt or give opinion) Or do they think there is something improper in answering?
The rest of the story...
Er....unfortunately, it isn't.
Odd ruling
ER. Declarer's line of play does not execute a squeeze. He loses a diamond. EAst throws a heart winner away, but declarer is playing a diamond at the end. He cannot change that. THe play has already been described, and the hand is over.
Odd ruling
As mentioned in subthread above I now note new Law 70E ( can't tell if this was always the case) says that you do not get the tricks if they depend on particular card being in particular opponent's hand - unless it is mentioned in your declaration in the claim ...
Odd ruling
The point I am making is that there is specific mention that normal play includes "careless" and "inferior for level of player". Not spotting card would be careless. Now I look at new Laws, 70E makes it very clear that if making the tricks depends on finding a partic opp ...
Odd ruling
"Abnormal" isn't mentioned. Forget terminology, but substandard play definitely allowed for. I think the "careless"ness of missing an important discard is indeed "forced" (not good word as declarer is not actually playing hanny more) or imposed upon declarer.
Worst bids ever? Best bids ever?
Out of my league to decipher if he also told South what he needed to know.
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