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John Larkin
John Larkin
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Sept. 5, 2016
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bridge player

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There is probably a difference between your being clearly convinced and the evidence being clear and convincing. MAR: didn't quite understand your description of the rather large range.
Share your favorite bidding system highlights
Now that's what I call precision.
Very Unusual Notrump
Two weeks ago, playing at the "no fear" afternoon club game with ( very senior in years) random partner; when on lead, he started laying his hand out as dummy. I called the TD to help out the bemused opps. Partner ended up with three small diamond penalty cards, and spent ...
Reflected UI
Yep. Agree possibly an irrefutable point Otherwise, every time you make a "take a view" type decision, you will have to consider all bids by your partner up until then....wonder if they could possibly have misbid....wonder what misbid they were most likely to have made...wonder what that ...
Very Unusual Notrump
Nice change to "option"...
Reflected UI
Genuine semantics question. Would the contract/result be "rolled forward" to four hearts?
Bridge Cheating Scandal - A New Cheat
To be fair...probably somebody like him.
Agree. As an aphorism, it doesn't quite work.
Long Hesitation
But.....we argue day and night about whether a certain call is an LA, or whether certain UI suggests a certain action.People in the very upper echelons of discussing the game, and people like myself. I believe there is almost no doubt that the bid of four hearts cannot ...
Long Hesitation
Not sure I understand this use of "LA".
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