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Sept. 5, 2016
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"The worst play I have ever seen"
Hmmmm.... There may be a deliberate ambiguity. I wonder if we are all wrong in assuming poster is West....
Lead out of turn accepted and then what
50% score of likely result offenders playing in four spades (proper 3S bid). 50% score of likely result non-offenders playing in 3hearts (pass) A poll could change percentages. And you may need to weight the different possible results in four spades and in 3 hearts... And you may need to ...
Lead out of turn accepted and then what
But it just says "could have been aware". SImilar to Law 49's "could possibly see its face" when it comes to an exposed card. If partner could have seen it, it's seen. It is not clear to me that the TD must convince himself that the irregularity was ...
Whose to blame?
Yeah. Wondered if they might get away with saying it means "Whose bid....?"
Ripped Off
SM Opportunist - probably.Though we don't know who spilled the wine.
What is the percentage return at trick two?
Are you West, and you opened 2H? Move everything along one, and omit pass in first bidding line?
You Suspect a Psyche
comment not necessary.
How would you rule?
So waest volunteered this information, or did N/S comment on his hand's strength?
How would you rule?
Be nice to know how the "discovery" played out. Any suggestion North might have an idea this was indeed "weak" and MIGHT be going for. A double- shot? When the deal was over, and West showed up with a hand that would do as an opener, and fit with partner ...
How would you rule?
DB: A lot of what you are saying here makes sense, and some is qute persuasive - but I think you should give your manufactured West hand less prominence as you are probably perfectly aware that it is of no real importance. Hands with less points/more points could be constructed ...
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