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Garbage Stayman
If you transfer and pass with a weak 5-4 you are giving up on the 4-4 fit My "escape" when playing WNT/mini and 2nd hand doubles is XX= clubs; 2C stayman ( any flat 0 -count can use this- as 3rd will often come in, if 3rd doesn't come ...
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
playing a weak NT it is good tactics to use stayman with nothing as it makes it much harder for the opponents to nail you for 500, and you don't open a WNT with 2-2 in the majors
Garbage Stayman
a weak hand with 4/5 hearts and 5/4 spades is what stayman was invented for; with invitational values you transfer and rebid your second suit. One transfers and passes only with weak single-suited hands
If you double in 4th, partner invariably find the only lead to let it make
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
this side of the pond it is alertable
Do you open this hand in 1st seat Love All at IMPs?
tartan two opener ( just about green vs red) but not at love all
Key Card Berger
If you use 2NT as a super-accept of spades you give responder a lot more room to describe his hand below game . particularly if he has a black two-suiter
Keycard Responses to 2NT
Baron is at the very least better than stayman, and you don't miss the 4-4 minor fits for the slam.
meaning of a bid
partner initially sorted his hand 3-3-4-3; he now realised that the four diamonds were hearts. Should have gone to specsavers !
Slow double - should I pull anyway?
didn't partner deny heart support when he bid 2NT? wouldn't this also indicate a good spade holding? pass would be automatic for me, so the LA is to bid again

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