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John Holmes
John Holmes
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Nov. 17, 2014
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about me

rubber bridge is my game

United Kingdom

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Multi Opening Two-Bids
2 good/poor wk two in major or 22-23 balanced 2 pass or correct 2 no tolerance for hearts /decent suit 2NT GF response:- 3 good two in hearts/ 3 good two in spades/ 3 trash two 3NT strong balanced ; responder usually bids ...
Multi Opening Two-Bids
2-3 can show the shapely hand with both majors 2-2nt* opener can now bid 3/3 to show good quality Hearts/spades
Bridge Players and the movie world
There is a Bridge game in the film " I know where I'm going "
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
Approaching on weakness merely lets the oppo's in; the point of 1Nt is to make it harder to find their fit
Bridge Players and the movie world
... now if they could only learn how to play music ;-)
Ash Hamilton's lead problem: 98 6 KQ762 KJ762
The passive lead is usually right at pairs... major suit leads are also you don't donate a trick to declarer by opening up the minors for him 9S is probably best
1NT - (P) - P - (X)
after opener's XX responder bids 2C= no 5c suit else his lowest ranking 5-carder
1NT - (P) - P - (X)
Yes you can play in responder's suit ian IF responder has 5DHS he bids it otherwise he bids 2C
Whose to blame?
west might double two clubs; east could remove 3X to 3 and west would / must bid 4 with Kx; east might bid 3s earlier
Transfers after intervention
Yes... x= next suit up; anything else is normal cue is Michaels(ish)

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