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John Holmes
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Nov. 17, 2014
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Surely not another missed game with 10 trumps
2 shows precisely the hand that East holds 6-card suit and a 12 count
Surely not another missed game with 10 trumps
Why do you think the 2 rebid wrong ,RF ? to me it shows a 6 card suit and a twelve count
Comparable call?
The minimum for stayman is zero can a neg X be weaker?
How do you plan to bid this hand?
not if you play the weak notrump it's not. open 1D and rebid 1NT having to rebid 3D or2NT on this hand is horrible.
Do you play your 2!D opening as a weak 2?
opening 18-19 balanced at the two level is already one level too high
What do you use 3-level overcalls of 1NT for?
It doesn't come up very often , but Opening values+ 3-suited hand with a shortage in the suit above the bid e.g 3 shows 4-4-1-4
What to continue?
It's only a singleton if he scratches his right ear ;)
What to continue?
To know how to continue would depend on knowing which card partner played at T1
Permissible enquiry?
Declarer should ask BEFORE the opening lead is faced
Permissible enquiry?
If partner leads the 2 he always has the Ace, or a valid excuse for not having it ;)

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