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John Cox
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Nov. 4, 2016
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Convention Cards in NABC+ events
I agree with the above but there is a group of experts who mean when say they ‘attitude’ 4th from 5 with one honour and fifth from two honours (and third from Hxxx). I think this is a comparatively recent fashion.
My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
It’s completely unreasonable to accuse this anonymous ACBL employee of lying, when even if you disallow the possibility that the OP misunderstood, the possibility that the ACBL employee was honestly mistaken remains (and is more probable by many orders of magnitude).
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
To my understanding it’s a fashionable interpretation among some experts.
Is the auction over?
I don’t see what UI partner has. He knows the guy didn’t see the 1D bid, but so what?
Is the auction over?
Good point, John. OK, I give up. I’m sure Ed can come up with something though.
Is the auction over?
Presumably Ed wants to give him a PP for passing by putting his cards back in the box rather than producing a pass card. Sounds like just the kind of thing to bring the masses back to the tournament game.
Is the auction over?
Dear Lord. What kind of player claims the auction is over in this situation?
Would You Overcall
If you say so. Isn’t that usually five spades and four clubs in ‘ELCD’? But anyway, clearly playing that a conversion of hearts to spades on this auction shows four spades and five clubs has at least some merit and would be very convenient on this hand.
Are you kidding me?
A ‘Ruining The Game’ column, perhaps?
Defensive Carding
I find it’s best to agree these things with my partner rather than follow my own opinion. Doing my best with a stranger, I’d say attitude for the 10, then SP, then count.
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