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John Cox
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Nov. 4, 2016
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about me

I live in London, England. I played at a reasonable level in the late eighties and early nineties (I was, to quote the late, great, Martin Hoffman 'one of those players, young and old, toiling away in trials, to whom I know I could give ten yards' start in a hundred), before leaving the game (largely on account of the unpleasant and litigious attitudes which bridge administrators try so hard to promote). I started playing again in 2016 at an above-average club level. I was in the winning EBU Camrose team in 2019 and 2020.

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Count or Attitude
Michael H; fine in general, but the bidding was 4S all pass, y'know?
Count or Attitude
Moreover you might have the king. What was partner meant to lead from xx Axx AQxx QJxx? It's just as well he didn't lead the QC.
Count or Attitude
How can anyone play count here? What is partner supposed to do next if declarer's hand is AKJxxxxx Kx xx x or the like?
One deal - two opportunities
Presumably the OP was playing against Kit?!
Trick Two
Sorry, I'm being dim - I don't get your point.
Birthright After Interference
I've no idea what Birthright is, but a quick google gives me the following "Ralco announced today that it has launched Birthrightâ„¢ Bridge, a new product mixed with water and fed as a gruel to get baby pigs on dry feed fast" [other brands of baby pig gruel are ...
Kokish (Birthright) after 2C, and effect on second negatives when Kokish not used
The ugly duck was 4441, surely?
Trick Two
Moreover you will know who has KH. If declarer's hand is somehow something like Axx J109xxx Kx Qx, partner may have some difficulty in giving an accurate suit preference signal if you play a second club at once, but presumably declarer will have to finesse on the heart switch ...
Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
How about 'brb my cat is disembowelling a mouse on the carpet'?
Can North Pass?
I'm surprised so many are so confident about this. Standard when I learned the game was that this redouble creates a force to 2D only (ie oppo can play 2H undoubled but not 2D). Obviously it's a question of agreement, but I would not have considered myself forced ...
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