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Johan Hasselgren
Johan Hasselgren
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Sept. 4, 2012
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April 18
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Bridge Player

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winning the very lowest section in the club
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my wife of course
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Uppsalabridgen, Uppsala
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Spade-Jammer (Kaninruter)
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Stong marmic
Thanks for constructive comments. Should have included "imps", colours "red against green" as well as "we do not use lebensohl". Sorry for doing the same mistake as many others, promise to do it better next time :-) The fact that lebensohl is not used, strengthens my case for an 2NT overcall ...
Stong marmic
Point well taken!
Stong marmic
Thanks for the comments, learned a bit of bidding history as well as how not to use terminology you assume to be universal.
Was this (not) funny enough?
Just a side-note and questions to Kit: 1. curious as to why apply puppet after 1NT and not 2NT. Most do it the other way around. 2 I am most interested in your puppet structure after 1NT. How to distinguish invitational hands w 3-1 in majors from inv hand w ...
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
Jan - my email by mistake was drafted but not sent. Guess the main thing is that you are here and hopefully will comment officially for the EBL.
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
I just wrote to Jan Kamras, stating my dismay with the situation and taking it for granted that he is doing everything in his power to change the situation.
Limit raise of major in 2!C? (2/1 GF)
Thank you so much for the input! Martin: intersting structure that me and partner are more likely to forget... And oter 2/1 sequences are more "expressive" when 2 is neboulus. Richard - I think I will accept you argument (or respect your wisdom!) and keep system as is in ...
The Heitzman 2!c (bad name)
Have tried a few sample hands from BBO and were not really convinced how much it would add to our system. We use Gazilli after 1cl/1d/1M openings and will need to bid 2NT natural only after 1cl-1d (relay). So will have frequent use of 2NT art anyway - showing ...
The Heitzman 2!c (bad name)
Hi - have lately revisited this thread. 2 questions - does changing the 18-19 bal to 17-19 have much of an impace? (Since we play 1NT=14-16) Is it better to open 1M w 5cM and 17-19bal since we do not play puppet stayman over 2NT and conversely not over 2c-2d-2NT? We ...
Spade Jammer-Ekren combine?
Thanks for input and sharing on this somewhat obscure subject! Am very much prepared to play Ekren with 4-4 M (as did Helgemo/Hellnes. red vs white most likely 5-4 though, do you use it at these colours at IMPs?). Interesting to have 2h as Flannery in 4th seat, think ...
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