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João Faria
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March 22, 2012
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July 5
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Ben Kristensen's bidding problem: AK6 632 AJ7654 A
What's wrong with 1 bid?
João Faria's bidding problem: AKQ64 T92 76542 ---
Just to close this nice help I got from all of you. I really get excited when there is some slam inv in a suit where I have AKQxx In this case it could be only game inv But if it was slam inv, I was almost sure the grand ...
João Faria's bidding problem: AKQ64 T92 76542 ---
4 is surely an "educated" rejoinder :) I think that 4 shows: In case of mini I want to be in game, no cue available
João Faria's bidding problem: AJ43 J98 T4 A832
The "decision" is precisely my problem. With xxx and stiff ace in the majors what would you bid after 3 ?
João Faria's bidding problem: AJ43 J98 T4 A832
I like the idea but...
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: 53 Q632 AQT9 AJ5
Does 2 promises a real suit? It's possible that 3nt is the right game to play, I would go slow and start with a cue to find out the best game to play
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Hi Boye, "Going forward I think the burden of proof - like with doping - should be on the players' side" After reading this period for a couple times I still cannot understand the meaning of it. In doping cases, the burden of the proof belongs to the athletes??? I firmly believe ...
João Faria's bidding problem: 2 KT8653 AT864 2
I agree that 4 is really too big. As it happened, in a jr training match, there was a plus in one room for EW when W decided to pass with the red suits. In the other room EW ended up in 6D -2. Unfortunately 4H is also down ...
João Faria's bidding problem: 2 KT8653 AT864 2
4D is leading for the moment. But.... does 4D really show a new suit? What if W feels too strong to bid an immediate 4H, possibly without a S control? As I think that 4D is clearly a GF bid, I wonder if there is a possibility to show the ...
Impossible bid
As my partner refered to me, it's time to discuss the diference between a direct 3 H and double followed by 3H. We came to some agreement that double followed by 3H, together with the initial pass, shows a "monster" with a 1 suit H hand. It's great ...

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