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JoAnn Sprung
JoAnn Sprung
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 18, 2010
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Pro

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Mixed Pairs with Danny, my favorite partner in bridge and life.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner -World Mixed Teams, numerous national championships, Gold, Silver and Bronze world medalist
Regular Bridge Partners
Danny Sprung
Favorite Conventions
Good bad 2NT, Baron, Transfers over 1 Club
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Danny and JoAnn Sprung Multi
2 over 1 - Transfers over 1!c Opening - 1!d unbalanced
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Janet Robertson - JoAnn Sprung
2 over 1
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Danny and JoAnn Sprung Non Multi
2 over 1 - Transfers over 1!c Opening 1!d unbalanced
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Betty Ann Kennedy - JoAnn Sprung
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Sue Weinstein
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Ken - JoAnn
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Mike Lucas
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Connie Multi
2 over 1 with Multi
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What ACBL Arbitration Agreement?
Nick - The first point - really? for b) That's not really a ringing endorsement for allowing court proceedings instead of arbitration. A lot of people on this board complain that the League is hampered when dealing with cheaters for fear of being sued and the Insurance company forcing us to ...
What ACBL Arbitration Agreement?
Question for all of those who are railing against the ACBL arbitration policy - Are you willing to have your membership and entry fees raised substantially for the privilege of some to be able to sue their own organization?
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
Ron you didn't post your partner's hand. In this case your partner's pull of 2S is suspect. If you explained her bid as the majors that alerted her to your taking a major preference as opposed to a suit of your own. What if you had explained ...
Reviving the Recorder System
@Robb - "I want to be really clear about the club thing. Except for major ethics issues we have NO ability to investigate nor enforce discipline at the club level" Not to beat a dead horse (I know too late) It appears that you are advocating the collection and maintaining of ...
Reviving the Recorder System
@Robb - "2. While the ACBL has very little to do with player discipline at the club level I DO want player memos from clubs for our database." Robb thanks for weighing in and good luck with your new job. Are you going to be sending guidelines to the recorders and ...
Reviving the Recorder System
@Don - "And the ACBL needs to be clear about that" Don - It certainly does. Not even our powers to be agree on whether the Recorder can and should be involved in club matters. Believe me I asked. The League needs to issue clear guidelines about when the Recorder can be ...
Reviving the Recorder System
Peter you can always bypass them and submit to the next level up.
Reviving the Recorder System
Don - Then someone needs to get the word to the League. We've had club owners beg the League for the recorders to get involved and told that they have to handle their own problem children. I know for a fact that recorders have been told that they cannot accept ...
Reviving the Recorder System
Kudos to both you and Robb for taking the necessary steps to make the system a success.
Ed, perhaps you are correct but this is a major championship. Presumably a high level event. Time for the players to put on their big boy pants The redouble indicates that North wasn't in on the joke. I would be embarrassed to take this to committee much less call ...

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