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JoAnn Sprung
JoAnn Sprung
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Oct. 18, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Pro

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Mixed Pairs with Danny, my favorite partner in bridge and life.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner -World Mixed Teams, numerous national championships, Gold, Silver and Bronze world medalist
Regular Bridge Partners
Danny Sprung
Favorite Conventions
Good bad 2NT, Baron, Transfers over 1 Club
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Danny and JoAnn Sprung Multi
2 over 1 - Transfers over 1!c Opening - 1!d unbalanced
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Janet Robertson - JoAnn Sprung
2 over 1
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Danny and JoAnn Sprung Non Multi
2 over 1 - Transfers over 1!c Opening 1!d unbalanced
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Betty Ann Kennedy - JoAnn Sprung
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Sue Weinstein
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Ken - JoAnn
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Mike Lucas
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Connie Multi
2 over 1 with Multi
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Alerting in USA?
Isn't it also to inform then when they are defending? If one expects 12-14 and declarer has 15-17 that might make a difference. If the solution to not alerting is a requirement that one studies the card on "simple" auctions the game will take a very long time.
Alerting in USA?
We announce when 1NT is opened but the range isn't a pre-alert. Also with very weak NT openings some rebids show different ranges depending upon the minor opened. It makes sense to alert the rebid when it is outside the normal (for ACBL) 12-14.
Alerting in USA?
David do you announce the 1NT opener when it is made or announce the range at the beginning of the round? If it is only announced at the time it is made there is no way for the opps to know what the 1NT rebid range is. Also if you ...
Alerting in USA?
I believe that only calls not made constitute negative inferences. For example a pass denying three card support as opposed to a double showing three card support. The pass would constitute a negative inference whereas the double would be conventional and alertable. So the rebid of 1NT showing 15-17 (or ...
Alerting in USA?
Jeff are you suggesting that the 1NT rebid showing 15-17 is a negative inference?
Alerting in USA?
Richard that wasn't my thinking in this particular situation but the "12 point ask" was one of the reasons we stopped playing weak NTs years ago. Happy to see the implementation of the announcement procedure. We have played a lot internationally and always make it a point to familiarize ...
Alerting in USA?
Anthony of course someone could always ask. With self alerting bids like doubles and cuebids it's a basically a non issue. Are you suggesting that we ask on every bid just to be safe? For example a precision pair bids 1S P 4S do we need to ask whether ...
Alerting in USA?
Stuart - not that rare but not basically universal as in the UK. Hence the alert. It's not the opponents responsibility to extrapolate the inferences from your system. If weak nt were a pre-alert then perhaps you would have a case. Not everyone looks at the card to determine which ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
Yehudit I agree completely which is why I made the tongue in cheek post re "simply" adjusting your schedule in advance as suggested by others. As a morning person I can attest to the difficulty in starting an evening session at the equivalent of 11 pm eastern time. Forcing a ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
For those with time zone adjustment suggestions why can't it cut both ways? To adjust to the 10 and 3 schedule just get up earlier for a week before.

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