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Jim Munday
Jim Munday
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July 27, 2010
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36 minutes ago
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about me

Living near Memphis, frequently found on BW or BBO.

Part-time engineering consultant; sports enthusiast, and puzzle maven.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making KO round in 1st US Trials experience
Bridge Accomplishments
1st 2013 Fast Pairs, 3rd Platinum Pairs 2015, 2nd 2013/2015 NAP Flt A, King of Bridge 1984,
Regular Bridge Partners
Sue Munday, Larry Sealy, Richard Pavlicek, Richard Oshlag, Alex Kolesnik, Bill Hall
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Grand Life Master
Paul Linxwiler - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Alex Kolesnik - Jim Munday
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Mark Bartusek - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Dave Smith - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Richard Oshlag - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Larry Sealy - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Paul Munafo - Jim Munday
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Slam or Grand?
In the partnerships i play the 3rd round ask, it is strictly step responses (no, dbltn, Q if room else no, yes). Asker is captain. I suppose it's theoretically possible for 3rd round responder to judge to bid 7 (it's not happened to me) knowing based on the ...
Will Engel's bidding problem: AQ74 Q5 AJ74 AT8
2-2 and 4-2 is sufficient if responder is 5512. T is also an extra chance.
Slam or Grand?
KQxxxx xx xxx Ax?
Slam or Grand?
If partner has 3+ clubs, 7 will be at worst on D hook so I’ll take my chances in the grand. I can ask opener (scientifically) for 3rd club control with 6C, step responses (no, dbltn, Q). Opener can’t have Q here, and he won’t know that ...
Spotting Chances
Yes, both partner and I undervalued the 6 and the opps just plain undervalued. Kicking myself for not re Qing hearts so we could reach 7 and avoid H lead. Interestingly , in 7 , looks like the only legitimate play is the winning one (if escape H lead).
The Bidding Box #4 (ACBL Bulletin, June 2019)
There are several factors. Another is how difficult the contract is to reach. If 3N is best contract and always scores the highest on a 1N-3N auction, then it does not deserve as high a score as say the 6 contract from the recent trials with AQJT opp Kxx ...
Psyches - and fielding them
You are a long way from 9 tricks on any lead. Time to establish spades, or diamonds, or clubs. 6 and 2 tricks are not enough. Opps can establish long spade (giving 2S), long clubs (giving 2 club tricks), or just Q (giving D, spade on opening lead) Of ...
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: T987 7 865 AKQT5
Yes, though I’m not sure we can make game ,I’m getting us to at least 4. I would note that I could construct layouts that make 4 opposite that hand.
Psyches - and fielding them
It was a paraphrasing of an OP comment upthread, I could have been more clear about that , it is certainly not a statement that i believe.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: T987 7 865 AKQT5
4 is a descriptive invite when overcaller has AKxxxx xx Axx xx.

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