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Jerry Goldberg
Jerry Goldberg
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June 27, 2010
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
United States of America

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Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
WBF Anti-Doping Regulations
I believe that caffeine is a diuretic. If coffee and tea are banned you might as well close down the tournament.
ACBL Mixed Teams CoC
To do otherwise would appear discriminatory.
What's My Range?
A free bid of 1NT should be constructive. The 2NT bid should be invitational opposite 8-10. Could be off shape for notrump opener.
Bridge Players on Postage Stamps
I believe Irina Levitina is on a stamp in honor of her chess accomplishments.
Does this double require an alert
I was told that the double is not alertable but when a new suit is bid after the double, an alert is required.
Adventures at the club
Isn't E/W entitled to redress when N/S. due to the infraction, achieve a favorable result they couldn't achieve normally?
Perhaps in Championship events, the participants should be required to check their results afterwards. They would then confirm with the directors if they are correct or not. If they arei still wrong there could be very large penalties for signing off on incorrect scores.
Is SNAP Mid-Chart+
I didn't see any reference to 1NT response to a minor. Does this mean all agreements there are illegal?
How many flags should be needed for a referral?
A source of income for the site is based on the people who view it and click on ads. I think the sites owners should be responsive to their opinions even if they do nothing to maintain the site.
Echelon Play in 3NT?
I would play Ace and another diamond (second best play in that suit but only slightly). If that fails, play king of clubs and finesse.

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