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Jeff Lehman
Jeff Lehman
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Aug. 3, 2010
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  • An attribute I value (for bridge and otherwise) is recognizing what you do not know: ask more questions, state fewer conclusions.  Only sometimes do I act as I say one should act.
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  • Wish that master points award system would motivate players to continue to challenge themselves to improve: need to better align awards with the achievements producing the awards.
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  • Wish that club directors would (politely) instruct players about Unauthorized Information and Logical Alternatives; that is, Fair Play.  Not a crime (but then, not an accolade, either) to take too much or too little time to think about a call or play, but is unethical for partner to take winning inferences from the pace of the call or play.
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  • Am deeply involved in developing and teaching after school bridge programs.  Teach play before bidding (mini-bridge), teach declarer play before defensive play, teach notrump play before suit play.  But, first, ensure kids are safe, have fun, allow other kids to learn, and respect each other, the teachers, and the school. See
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  • Loved bridge from the moments I learned to play, but placed bridge behind other matters such as career and family.  Took a 15 year hiatus from significant play.
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  • Still improving as a player.  Do not look forward to the time when my skills will plateau.
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  • Best skill as a bridge player: envisaging during the auction how the play might proceed.  Poorest skill as a bridge player: perhaps too many to mention.
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ATB - No Play Slam
1. What would we be saying if the K morphed into the K? 2. While I agree with North's 4 bid, I am not comfortable with the proposal espoused by many that South's next call should be 4. North, if he holds either the A or ...
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
Alexander, I don't think anyone is saying that limited, low-competitive games should cease to exist. Personally, I think bridge should provide an avenue for those players who want to play in games where competition is only moderate. What I would like to see is that the master points awarded ...
ACBL Elections
Phil and Ray, I am pleased to hear from you two that District Director candidates do address national issues to your unit board members. I have no knowledge one way or another whether that is also the practice in my district and unit, because, as I mentioned, I am not ...
College Spirit
I fear this effort will prove difficult because so few enter college knowing anything at all about bridge. I'd be more enthused if the efforts were directed to find a way to interest much younger students in learning bridge (likely as an after-school program) ... so that the efforts at ...
ACBL Elections
I am in the majority of wanting to see a smaller board of directors. But I am not at all sure the BofD should be geographically-based as opposed to constituency-based. How can we better ensure that the national board considers the viewpoints of club owners, or of players who play ...
ACBL Elections
All good points, Don, but: 1. When members run for unit board, do they campaign about their positions on National Board issues? My observations are "no". 2. When members run for district director, do they announce to members their positions on National Board issues? My observations, again, are "no". Perhaps ...
pass fail
Yu, I did not say that 3 was passable, but instead only said that I think it presumptively suggests an alternative major suit trump suit. I think the shown auction is forcing to the level of 3. I have been surprised at how many commenters seem to assume ...
ACBL Elections
Anyone questioning the concept that the only voters for BofD elections are the unit board members? I do. I think the skillset to be a good unit board member is, quite possibly, much different from the skillset to recognize what is important to be a good district director.
pass fail
Yu, you might be right that in the subject sequence, using 3 as a catchall invitation to 4 might be the expert treatment. I really don't know. (I do know that I am not an expert!) To me, it does not seem so easy to pick a ...
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: KQTxxx AQ --- AKTxx
Even Kxx might be insufficient, because the third highest club could remain a loser. Opposite three small clubs, absent some miracle of the QJ falling, we basically need enough extra winners in opener's hand to dispose of three clubs from responder's hand. One club pitch on K is ...

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