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Jeff Lehman
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Bridge musings:

  • An attribute I value (for bridge and otherwise) is recognizing what you do not know: ask more questions, state fewer conclusions.  Only sometimes do I act as I say one should act.
  • Wish that master points award system would motivate players to continue to challenge themselves to improve: need to better align awards with the achievements producing the awards.
  • Wish that club directors would (politely) instruct players about Unauthorized Information and Logical Alternatives; that is, Fair Play.  Not a crime (but then, not an accolade, either) to take too much or too little time to think about a call or play, but is unethical for partner to take winning inferences from the pace of the call or play.
  • Am deeply involved in developing and teaching after school bridge programs.  Teach play before bidding (mini-bridge), teach declarer play before defensive play, teach notrump play before suit play.  But, first, ensure kids are safe, have fun, allow other kids to learn, and respect each other, the teachers, and the school. See
  • Loved bridge from the moments I learned to play, but placed bridge behind other matters such as career and family.  Took a 15 year hiatus from significant play.
  • Still improving as a player.  Do not look forward to the time when my skills will plateau.
  • Best skill as a bridge player: envisaging during the auction how the play might proceed.  Poorest skill as a bridge player: perhaps too many to mention.

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Gold Life Master
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Is the Best Defense Double Dummy?
This seems right to me. If, say, declarer is 7=3=2=1 (with solid spades, Q and K), West does not want to be placed on lead and forced to lead a minor suit. (Maybe 7=3=3=0 is more likely, given that partner did not offer a ...
What's this double (#206)
I hope the "cooperative penalty" doublers and "DSIP" doublers have guidelines (presumably non tempo-based guidelines) for how their partners are supposed to act over their doubles.
A Third Option for Regional KOs - Stratified Swiss KOs
... and what Melanie says would be especially true if master point awards were more strongly aligned with Strength of Field.
What's this double (#206)
I remember playing for awhile with a fellow who believed that overcalls were not about finding a fit to compete but were for lead-direction. He would have chosen 2 on AQJ-third. Even if not playing with that fellow as opponent, strikes me that the double is for penalty. No ...
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
In a non-Precision context, the problem with jump to game fast arrival is that when partner has a non-minimum, he has no bidding room to ascertain whether your minimum is a slam suitable minimum or a non-slam suitable minimum.
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
Ron, perhaps because the ninth trump makes so much difference in evaluation? When responder has shown GF values and trump support for opener's 1M, it is vital to opener to distinguish whether such trump support is 4+ cards (as is shown by Jacoby 2NT or splinter) or is only ...
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
I prefer keeping the picture bid rules simple, meaning no first or second round control of an unbid suit. Qx satisfies that rule.
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
I prefer picture bids, but not with responder having four card trump support for opener's major. Game forcing hands with four card support are suitable for Jacoby 2NT; hands of minimum game forcing strength with three card support might be suitable for picture bids.
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
I prefer for the 3sameM bid to be extra values with three card M support, on theory that using that space to show two messages to partner is worthwhile. 4sameM, on the other hand, would also be telling partner multiple messages, 3 trumps, minimum GF 2/1, and no control ...
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
My parnership notes on picture bids are pretty simple. They apply to any 2/1 GF auction that began with 1M. "Minimum" means that if your hand were a king less in strength, you would not have sufficient strength: (1) for opener, to open the bidding; or (2) for responder ...

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