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Alert question
The relevance is that your description of 2 seems wrong. If 2 is a limit raise, then it should be something like 9-11. In which case 2 is a normal single raise. If your treatments are different, then an alert is needed as they are unusual and ...
Alert question
Most people play Drury as a limit raise, so a simple raise would be just that - a simple single raise just like you would do if you were not a passed hand. Given that, I would think that since it guarantees 4+ trump support, an alert is in order. BTW ...
Finesse or not?
If hearts are good for five tricks, the queen of clubs is irrelevant
Finesse or not?
The bidding is correct. My partner judged that hearts was better. I wasn't about to overrule as he knew my hand and I didn't know his. 20-20 hindsight is easy.
Finesse or not?
Finally someone sees the cause of the dilemma. (I didn't mention it in the OP since I didn't want to influence the vote.). NT will make only 12 tricks. So making 12 tricks at hearts beats anyone not in slam, but loses to anyone in 6NT. In a ...
Finesse or not?
Match points. I thought that was clear when I mentioned the field strength. Plus there is no issue if imps. West cannot be void, so I don't know why you mentioned it. But a singleton with east is something to consider. But I think you are missing the real ...
Finesse or not?
I don't recall if they were playing 3rd or 4th leads. They are strong players, good enough to not give me any help with their signals. The only thing I really know is that west probably has no more hearts or spades (though I wouldn't absolutely rule out ...
Should I have called the TD?
Do you have the hands right? It looks like a few honors are missing from the diagram.
Great Bols Of Fire
Around 45 years ago, Truscott reported a hand where declarer took 13 tricks, off all four aces. (In trumps.) The play went something like: west led a heart, east played the heart ace and immediately banged down the ace of diamonds. Or so he thought. He got them backwards. When ...
First I'd look to see whether Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, or John Scarne were in the vicinity.......

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