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Jan. 13, 2012
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Jeff Halle - Sorina Negulescu
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Play in Washington DC
Where will the friend be staying, and how far would (s)he be willing to travel? That will help narrow down the options. But you can't go wrong with the two Unit games Clyde mentioned.
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
A Dog Cop was needed on Sunday afternoon with the hot dog fiasco that occurred then. I hope it has run properly since then.
Weather in Philadelpia - Heard there is bad weather - Help
Latest forecast is 3-6 inches. Flying into Baltimore and taking Amtrak into Philly works nicely. See the above post.
Weather in Philadelpia - Heard there is bad weather - Help
I heard the snow was due Wednesday morning, continuing until early evening. 12 inches might be accurate for some areas, but I'd expect a little less at the airport and in the city. Expect delays, if not cancellations. Weather should be better, and in the 40s, the rest of ...
Handicapped Regional Knockout Rules
A soccer player (that's football to the non-ACBL world) went to the ref and asked him, "Would I be carded for something I think?" The ref replied, "No, of course not." The player then said, "Well, I think you're a ****in' fool." (Last two words sanitized to get ...
Who's the most promising new bridge writer?
Mike Gill did a great job documenting his run in the 2017 GNT finals.
Fielding Partner's Forgetfulness
yes, and partner did a good job of not reacting
Insufficient bid and repeat of earlier call
Ed, as I indicated, there was nothing to gain by calling, other than antagonizing the opponents. Of course I knew what was correct, but I also knew we'd get an argument from my opponents, who obviously didn't really know what the auction was. I was just a young ...
Insufficient bid and repeat of earlier call
If I open 1NT, rebid 2NT, and RHO subsequently bids 3NT, who is on lead? When I made my lead, RHO said it was my partner's lead. Since we were about to get a top anyway, I didn't argue. Yes, this really happened, long before bidding boxes were ...
The Best Bridge Writer
There is a book vendor based in the D.C. area that has a large collection of old and out of print books. I am sure he will have a booth in Philadelphia. Try him. And if he doesn't have what you want, he might be able to locate ...

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