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Jan. 13, 2012
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Jeff Halle - Sorina Negulescu
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Sometimes I don’t believe the results on a board.
A few years ago, playing in a Swiss with a pick-up partner (I was filling out the team), I opened a vul 3. Partner, with 4 aces, 3 Ks, and a Q, bid 3nt!!! Push!
Sometimes I don’t believe the results on a board.
Actually, it was the student that made the announcement, without realizing the irony of it.
Sometimes I don’t believe the results on a board.
Many years ago, a partner relayed to me a similar story. He was playing with a student. The auction went: 1NT-p-2-X; p-p-XX-p; p(!)-p. He struggled to make the contract. When the student opened the traveler (I told you it was a long time ago), he said, "Flat hand ...
Sometimes I don’t believe the results on a board.
Ed, Alan's story might be bizzare, but it happened to me, too.
Is This a Legitimate Question?
Steve, I know what you mean. A few weeks ago I made a BIT-related director call. The opponent thought I was making an accusation of "sharp practice." Even though the director handled it well at the time, as he always does, I felt the opponent was still upset. (I hadn ...
Is This a Legitimate Question?
In this case it was IMPs, but your comment is valid.
Is This a Legitimate Question?
Ed, I have no problem being that SOB who called the director. I've been called worse. Yu, I did not feel out of line at all. We were under mild time pressure to finish the round, directors had been slow to arrive (we were at the far end of ...
Is This a Legitimate Question?
FWIW, LHO stated he would like to call the director to the table before answering the question. I took that to mean he was refusing unless directed to do so. I didn't think it was worth the time or effort, so I dropped it, but I thought his reluctance ...
Failure to Announce
If you hadn't informed the opponents, the Secretary Bird sitting at your left or right certainly would have called him.
A Developoment of 4th suit GF after 1x-1y
Another option is to use 2 to show a good (you define what good is) raise in clubs.

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