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Jeff Halle
Jeff Halle
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Jan. 13, 2012
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32 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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Silver Life Master
Jeff Halle - Witold Palosz
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Jeff Halle - Sorina Negulescu
2/1 GF
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Art McCann
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Lame Claims
I’ve played a couple times in a club where the stated rule was no claims. Too bad, I claimed anyway, though only against players who weren’t clueless. Because there were too few of them, I haven’t been back there in years.
Lame Claims
I’ve made claims stating something like, “I’ll take x s, y s and z s, and take them in an order so I can get them all.” Never been challenged after opps look at my hand for a few seconds. Maybe not a perfect statement, but is often ...
What would you choose?
Helen Sobel. You won’t be playing bridge all the time.
More baseball and bridge
That could never have happened with Palmer.
Play (Interruption)
One time I was in third seat, partner's opening lead was the suit of dummy's singleton. I sat there for about a minute. Finally, declarer asked me if I were going to play. I replied that she had not yet called for a card from dummy. I was ...
Card holder abuse
Talking to the TD doesn’t always work. There was an incident at a Regional last summer where my RHO, who was visually impaired, was doing a similar thing. My partner as dummy noticed it and called the director. Yes, that was a mistake in procedure. The TD chided my ...
Value of Support Doubles?
This can actually work! One time both my partner and I forgot we were playing a particular convention (I forget what it was). We got to an optimal contract. Afterwards we realized what we had done. Had we both remembered, though, we still would have gotten there. NHNF. But I ...
Obscure suit combination
Maybe I should construct my sentences better. :)
Obscure suit combination
This looks like part of an Ottlik construction.
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
There's a BLACK checkbox on the back of the ACBL CC for this sequence. Checked, it's forcing; unchecked it's not.
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