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I recently completed six years on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Bridge Unit. I am on the ACBL Board of Governors and the Competitions and Conventions Committee. I also help manage and direct a once-a-week bridge club on Mercer Island. And occasionally I find time to play bridge too. Smile

United States of America

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Convention Chart Revisions
GNTs and NAPs are an interesting discussion point because they are one of the few times that people who generally play up into the open events choose not to. It makes sense to me that NABC events, even those limited by masterpoints, would be under different restrictions than events that ...
Convention Chart Revisions
The intention was that the definition of destructive would follow the same pattern of changing to "near-average" in 3rd/4th seat. I can see that it isn't clear in the draft. The removal of cheapest overcall was intentional. It added complication to the definition without seeming particularly important to ...
Convention Chart Revisions
Just to give some perspective on the spread of opinions about the basic chart, some people have sent comments that strong club shouldn't be on the basic chart at all.
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
I don't understand this attitude. Flight B events are provided because people don't want to play in the open events. Whether you think it's "good for them" or not to play up, they've made their decision. Why would you want to ruin (at least for them ...
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
The problem is when your intention is to run the B event in round robin flights as is increasingly common. Throwing a few teams into a B Swiss is a lot easier than telling a few of the B teams with the most masterpoints that they are now in a ...
Convention Chart Revisions
Opening bids above 3NT are somewhat self-regulating. If you are playing something silly the opponents will double you.
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
Thanks for all the feedback so far. There has been a new version posted at I would suggest that comments move to this thread:
User names
Clearly one of them needs to change their name in real life so as not to confuse those of us on BridgeWinners.
ACBL Scheduling: Adjusting Spring NABC Schedule to avoid excluding certain genders/ages
If the Imp Pairs moved, then people couldn't plan to play both the Imp Pairs and Silver Ribbon Pairs.
ACBL Scheduling: Adjusting Spring NABC Schedule to avoid excluding certain genders/ages
For me there is a big difference between a two day event with a field cut, which is something I can generally only get at nationals, and a one day event, even if it is A/X.

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