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Alan Shillitoe's bidding problem: T73 AKT2 --- AKQT42
I abstain because I would have bid 4 instead of 3.
Assign the passing blames
I can't see any other bid than pass for North or for South. So no blame...
Stuff about appeals that some people may find boring
I believe this is the first auction I've read on BW for which I can't understand any of the bids made :)
You be the judge!
So Partner probably had a stopper in clubs and no stopper in hearts... and was wondering what to bid. I believe 4 is a clear stop. If he wanted to go further he should have bid 4NT or 5 (or maybe 4 as Last Train).
Leading the Singleton
Great article as usual, thanks ! If you believe that diamonds split 8-0, after taking the winning heart finesse that reveals the 4-0 break in hearts , playing A and a heart is a winning line, no? And isn't that hope better than expecting opponents won't find their diamond ruff?
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AJ8543 Q2 AK97 2
East is at least 5-5 in hearts and clubs. So one of my AK and A will very probably be ruffed. So pass and pray.
Another what does this double mean?
If it is takeout, why 1NT instead of double at first bid?
Homage to Michael Rosenberg
At first glance, there seems to be 2 ways to play the hand: 1- the legitime one : finesse the J and play A, winning when West holds Kx. 2-Start with the Q... And hope that West won't cover with Kx or Kxx or even Kxxx. :) There must be a ...
Test for experts or for...bots
Leading spades is a good way to help declarer to kill the eventual J 4th in partner's hand.
Quick "Multi" story
Ok so if you don't double, what is your (forcing) bid?
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