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Jane Ahnger
Jane Ahnger
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March 22, 2013
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April 4, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired RN, also into showing dogs. Been playing bridge since I was a kid, which I won't even tell you how long ago that was.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
First time I bid a grand slam in a tournament, I even made it.
Favorite Tournaments
Las Vegas sectionals, Santa Clara regional, Kansas City holiday regional when I used to live there.
Favorite Conventions
splinters, negative doubles, fourth suit transfers
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Modern Jacoby 2NT: What is your preferred use of a break-the-relay bid?
This is an interesting question. I stopped playing Jacoby 2NT years ago because I never really liked the system, mainly for the reasons you outlined. I play something different now to show the same type hand and it has worked out so much better. Won't bore you with it ...
Board 14 from the 01/21/2017 Common Game
Our bidding did not go as suggested. South (me) opened one diamond and my partner bid two clubs. I bid three hearts, he bid three spades, I bid four spades and he passed. I believe he should have bid more, as I had shown him a huge hand with my ...
The ACBL's (Secret?) Arbitration Agreement
Every year. At least that is what it is called on the notice I receive.
The ACBL's (Secret?) Arbitration Agreement
Ray, I was aware of the binding arbitration issue. I am not an elite player, or a professional, and rarely play in tournaments either, so for me, it is not a big concern. I suspect that this issue means little to most of the ACBL members as well, but can ...
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
My daughter and my grand kids have no interest in bridge. They are all smart enough and could easily learn the game if they were willing to put in the time, but they are not into a game that would take so long to learn to become proficient, plus having ...
Club Discipline Procedures?
I should have been a little more clear. Our club owners/directors do explain what the rules are regarding poor behavior. Our clubs are zero tolerance (I know, there can be a wide interpretation about that but the directors do the best they can) and the directors make that announcement ...
Club Discipline Procedures?
Can you define misbehavior? I sat on a committee a few years ago at our local club because the player involved wanted a committee to review what the director decided regarding a ruling. I am not sure a club member like me, who is not a director, is qualified to ...
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
I agree with number one about Horn Lake. I have no knowledge about ACBL salaries, but I believe a number of bridge players are giving up the game, at least on the tournament level. It seems quite apparent when a national event draws 3000 tables less that what was predicted ...
Assign the blame - game after opponent's 'Benji'
I am not familiar with this system but it seems to me the west hand does not follow what the system says. Whether is is legal or not is in the eyes of the beholder, on the directors. Not knowing what the recommended defense is supposed to be, I would ...
What is the minimum required to bid 1!S?
No, I don't.

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