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Jan Lagerman
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April 4, 2014
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Page 2, only 12 cards for Mr Roth when he passed the T/O double of 2H.
Rare High-Level Decision
3 days ago the bidding went: 1S 2C 3C 5C 5S 6C P P 6S Opener was Qxxxxxxx AKxx x - If now West had bid 7C North would have had a nasty lead problem with KJTx JTxx Qxxx x So a 5H (or 6H) call by opener would have been ...
"Even in the expert games that Rosenberg frequents surely you might assume that RHO has the ACE." Yes, I agree completely, even if I once saw Peter Bertheau lead low from the spade ace vs Iceland in 6NT in the europeans 2010. Obviously declarer did not think it was from ...
considerably worse than trivial
That hand occured in the BB 1983. Played at one table and passed out at the other.
Victim of Idiot Coup (Almost)
Not in Sweden. Everybody (99,9%) playes Upside Down count. :) (And this East didn't know anything about signals. Beginners class)
Victim of Idiot Coup (Almost)
I held a class once. Wrote comments about the boards and on one I wrote all declarers will take six trumptricks. Trumps were: Txx AK87xx One declarer led small from dummy and east (a beginner) played a slow 9. On the ace, the queen came from West. Declarer entered dummy ...
Just like in the book where declarer had a small one.
I wonder if East have read the Victor Mollo chapter in 'Tops and Bottoms'? Maybe a tricky East would play LOW when we lead the heart king from dummy even if he has the ace?
ATB, missed a vulnerable slam
David: This was not a systemic response. Funnily the match started with laughter about North knowing EWs system best, as he is a regular partner to them. John: Yes, 1NT in Sweden is NF. Forcing (or semi forcing) NT I can not remember have played against in 20 years! When ...
ATB, missed a vulnerable slam
There is also a question of frequency. If the phone number comes in 5 times more often no one would overcall, and ofc vice verse. Im not sure which comes more often with this handtype, but that is perhaps what this is all about.
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