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James Vogl
James Vogl
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June 18, 2012
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12 hours ago
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about me
Former backgammon/poker professional. Currently a hedge fund manager addicted to bridge since 2006 but am pretty hopeless.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Having first monthly positive statement after 6 years at the rubber bridge club.
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James Vogl's bidding problem: xx AJxxxx Txx xx
I think I have only asked for a ruling once in 10 years of rubber bridge because you are playing with the same people day in day out and it's not in the spirit of the game. But thought this was cheeky from an advantage player. I didn't ...
Stuck on a boat - bbo rubber bridge anyone?
Can just play for imps and swap partners every x hands. The vulnerabilities will even out.
Stuck on a boat - bbo rubber bridge anyone?
Europe can play anytime between 11am and 9pm
Stuck on a boat - bbo rubber bridge anyone?
Nope 4th year in a row a friend invited us on his super-yacht. Finally gave in. Over 40 degrees and no sign of a bridge club anywhere:(
Perhaps there is a moral
Right but declarer has to decide whether a bluff or not and if has any table sense should be a benefit. Just the same in poker when an opponent shows you one of their cards. Note good players basically never ever do this as the vast majority of the time ...
Perhaps there is a moral
Meant exposing by mistake Tom. Still incredible how many top bridge players I have played with that are just not capable of protecting their hands.
Perhaps there is a moral
Yes that was giving info to pard but here it is just giving info to declarer.
Perhaps there is a moral
Bridge is a game of hidden information. When opponents expose a card it is and can only be a help to declarer... as they could ignore the info if they wish or use it to their advantage (or disadvantage as it may turn out), it is up to them and ...
Perhaps there is a moral
Weird how none of this nonsense happens when playing on BBO. What happened to Hammon's suggestion of playing some live competitions on iPads?
Where did you learn to play bridge?
There was a course at my tennis club when I was 16 I took. Does this count as country club? 16 was too late for me hence never been a natural. My four year old watches me on BBO (no one else would) and asks to play every day already.

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