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James Creech
James Creech
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March 1, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

I have been involved as a member and officer of ACBL's Unit 109 board,  as the unit and club director, and currently involved as an administrator, teacher and TD for the BBO associated Intermediate/Advanced Club.  Through the years, I have developed friendships in the bridge world, and played with or against some of the world's finest players.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Earliest was running an accidental squeeze against Easley Blackwood and receiving a compliment from him. The most memorable was keeping the Boyd/Robinson squad on the ropes in the first round of our DIstrict's GNT final; they needed the full 32 boards to beat us as the bottom seed that year. My favorite hand though was against Jerry Clerkin. The auction went 1D - 2C - 2D to me and I bid 7H. Jerry asked three questions: (1) to me "Are you sh**ing me? (2) to partner "Is he for real?" (3) to me again "Do you really have a hand like that?" This was passed out. I held S AKQxx H AKQJTxxx D - C -, partner had the S J and C A. He invited me to fill out a sectional team the next two weekends.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd in 0-10K KO 1993
Regular Bridge Partners
currently none, past Ransone Price, David Trent, Mike Cheng, Peter Whipple
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BBO's IAC (intermediate/advanced club) as player/teacher/TD
Favorite Tournaments
IAC's Dare to Practice - prepared hands to practice declarer play problems including squeezes, endplays, trump coups, managing danger and the like.
Favorite Conventions
The one that best describes my hand at the moment its needed (when needed, it is almost never played by the partner at the time, and if it is, then partner has forgotten it)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Is goulash an exercise for normal bridge?
Goulash can be a good exercise for normal bridge, but it takes both pairs at the table approaching the hands as if it were normal bridge. Think of it like any other specialized exercise to help a player learn a technique (e.g., identifying the danger hand and how to ...
Is goulash an exercise for normal bridge?
I don't under stand why anyone would consider leading the A when partner self-raised, lefty was willing to try 6NT and righty is more willing to try 7 than let partner play the contract. I am not certain what the correct lead should be, but the A is ...
Do you have tools?
Thank you. I missed this thread.
Do you have tools?
This came up from a hand that I kibitzed. After 3-3NT-P the auction continued 4 described as Gerber, P, 4 described as "I hope partner was asking about majors", P, 5 (kings), P, 6NT.
Where is Everyone?
When I met Brian in the mid-1980's, he had known by the nickname for several years. I don't doubt that Tony may have the same nickname, based on different reasons, but to suggest that he is the one and only Tuna is ridiculous. Now in our group, nearly ...
OK Bridge is far from OK. Agree or Disagree?
I abstained because my experience with OKB is badly outdated - a bit longer than Michael admits to. While my experience with OKB was, shall we say, OK, I came to it from Imagination (after it got bought out and then ruined). I really liked Imagination in its dial-up environment, but ...
Do you ever open a 5 Card Major with One Notrump values?
I am more likely to open 1NT with five hearts than spades, if my hand has multiple tenace positions, or if my values are largely soft. I am more likely to open a major if I do not have tenaces, particularly if I am ace rich. My general thoughts revolve ...
Hesitation Auction
Marty, it is because most players like to have a simple rule to follow - if there is a hez, then pass is auto. They don't want to acknowledge that even in a hesitation situation, you have to think through what the implication is, and what actions/inactions are allowed.
Highest Opening Bid You've Ever Made or Witnessed?
lol asking partner to raise one level for every spade honor in their hand
Highest Opening Bid You've Ever Made or Witnessed?
This was one where I rebid very high, but for a purpose. My hand was AKQJ AK AKx AKxx had only recently gone over 50 pts. In my inexperience, I thought that I belonged in 6NT, with a chance at 7, so I bid accordingly. I opened 2, to ...

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