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Jacek Sikora
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May 5, 2011
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The 2018 Marit Sveaas International Bridge Tournament
It was a great tournament indeed, although I finished 20th after not the best play:P In board 101 opps at our table table played 3x -1 after very aggressive auction (the same as here but competitive dbl after 3). Very well organised, great conditions. If nothing major ...
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
I dont care if East has his bid or not. West has monster for his previous bid and now I would seek for a grand: xxxxx, KQxx, -, Axxx. 5 is not an option, though it shows slam interest.
It was inevitable.
Sry, queen of diamonds here only :-) But I wrote general rule which applies in similar auctions.
It was inevitable.
Depends on your "bridge school". Mine: seeking for 3rd round control in . Bid 7 with queen (in case 7nt is safer/better), bid 7 with doubleton in diamonds.
Ruling question from Krakow
I think something is not right with lack of West explaination, Shouldn't be explained like this: "having hearts agreed 5 was kings ask and 6 showed one king, having spade agreed 5 was sign-off and 6 showed club void". They had agreement on RKCB. The ...
Ruling question from Krakow
It sounds like contradiction :-)
Score Adjustment in Berg v Lavazza
According to what VG commentator said, there was a ruling pending at that time.
1) I prefer 2 instead of 2 2) I'd bid 4 over 2, monster hand: Q10xx + side ace South's blame 100%
What does S show?
Card showing double: I dont know what to play, and if pd penalize my dbl with some spades it can be the best option here.
Jacek Sikora's bidding problem: ATx AKTxx x AQxx
90% of experts in Poland play Polish Club with wide range 1 up to 21 let say. Is better or worse - i'm not a judge here. At the table I bid 5nt as pick a slam, which should show 5h and some semi-fit in diamonds. It ended up ...
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