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Sept. 22, 2010
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A Grand Time in Philly
Frances are you sure that is standard? I thought standard was 5NT to show the ace of clubs
A trump trick
I wonder why you didn't write anything about how partner played his clubs. He did more or less the I don't have a signal way. If I would be partner I would place the king of spades in declarers hand which would make a high heart honour very ...
2nt as forcing after 1 minor 1 Maj 2 Minor
In the January ACBL Bidding Box contest, a statement was made that after say 1♦-1♠-2♦ 2NT is forcing and generally asks for shortness. I think that is "standard" expert bridge here in the Netherlands. 2NT is very rarely the right contract and in this auction finding about shortage ...
2/1 in comp
With INV and both minors you would not start with 2C would you? For that reason I think this is GF although it sounds NF.
Control Bidding
I am really confused wit the possible answers. If you bid 4C and than 4S that would show you have enough extra strength to bid force 5 level over partners 4D last train bid(not showing a cue) and show a spade and club cuebid. Why would 5C mean the ...
The Damle Files: Problem 12
I am with Kit here. If partner would think a heart would be best he/she would play the queen so partner will expect me to cash the king of diamonds. Perhaps his hand is Kx KJxxx QJxxx x and he thinks declarer has a void in hearts. Ax of ...
The race to 1NT, part II
To solve these type of hands over weak NT we play a variant of Multi-Landy where 2M shows roughly a textbook openingbid (12-16) and 2D shows less or more.
Finding the Spade King
I would say lefty had xxx x AT987xxx x He led his ace to see which x-ton to switch. The 7 is his middlle diamond so he doesnt request anything special(just cash your ace partner). Only problem with this is that east should have ruffed with the king:)
3rd Suit Forcing Poll
I would choose 2D artificial GF and 2H Natural INV if that option was provided.
Ethan Liu's bidding problem: AKT3 A7 A85 AJT9

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