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J. R. Rothschild
J. R. Rothschild
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Jan. 1, 2016
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6S DD-problem
This must be wrong, it’s too easy. Win trump lead in dummy, unblock Kd. Trump to hand. 2 rounds of diamonds pitching a club and a heart. Ace of hearts and another. Win the semi-forced club return cheaply. Unblock Ace of clubs and cross ruff the hand. If LHO ...
You Can't Catch The Viruses That Bots Have
I have found on BBO Prime that the bots aren’t consistent. So sometimes it will double with that hand, and sometimes it will pass. My most memorable occurrence is that the bots got to slam against me and at other tables, it played in a partial. (No bidding interference.)
BBO Declare Only Hand
Diamond to the A, Ruff a diamond, spade to A, ruff a diamond, K of spades, eliminate hearts, and play a club up. This may not be the best line, but this is the line I would hopefully take at the table.
What are the Odds?
Duplicate answer
Just in case...
Goodbye Cosmopolitan, Hello Westgate
It’s off the strip and a good hike to get there. For some of us, that limits our dining options.
“Virtually Every Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”
I was just wondering. Do the experts still play Cole or Bart? Or has Gazzilli replaced them?
Faulty BBO
Jonathan, that’s exactly what I did. I joined BBO Prime.
Faulty BBO
I get ads including pop up videos. Very irritating.
Faulty BBO
I joined BBO Prime and it got rid of the annoying pop ups . Also the robots seem to be better defenders. YMMV

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