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Itzik Ezra
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Sept. 19, 2013
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Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: --- KJT54 AT5 AKQ75
Right. I got a filling i forgot a little part of the bidding... Thank you.
Mark Benson's bidding problem: J82 AT983 AQJ8 A
I think that bidding 6d means losing the hand and giving a prize to opps. South can have 3 cards in sp and his lead is quite easy so is the continuation after the lead. I don't expect them to sacrifice at 6th level so i will try to ...
Tayfun Özbey's bidding problem: J765 J JT9 AKQ54
I bid 4h. Partner may have a stiff sp and in that case 6c is surely on as i don't have wasted values here. Other hands partner might produce will usually have a good (but sometimes not more than that) play for slam in case partner goes to slam ...
Darek Kardas's bidding problem: KQJ93 4 --- AKQ9752
7SP. singleton honors are very rare but here i belive that partner is likely to have 3(+) cards in clubs so partner is very likely to have AX in sp. As there are 8 missing sp cards there are 7 combinations of AX in sp and only one of STIFF ...
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: 743 7432 J AKT83
4S. A slight overbid. Yes sometimes even the weakest possible bid is an overbid.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: AKQ9 AK6 A7 KQ86
3C to find out if partner has 5 cards M or 4 cards SP if not i will bid 4c and see if he supports me. If he does not i will think seriously of disposing him but for the moment i will gamble to bid 7nt. Very unlikely we ...
Howard Engle's bidding problem: AT A5 AJT8742 AK
2NT. If partner is broke it is better to start with 2nt rather than 1d as 2nt looks safe enough most of the time unless we have 2 losers in diamonds but that is very unlikely unless partner has long major (s) in which case we can play in major ...
Han Peters's bidding problem: KQ63 AJ7532 82 A
"1D IS ALWAYS UNBALANCED" means that if north holds 3 cards in heart he must have at most a stiff club. If you would have bid 2H with 4351 patern over 1h then you can't have that shape. In other words: "Tell me what would you rebid with 4351 ...
Han Peters's bidding problem: KQ63 AJ7532 82 A
2sp. Partner is unlikely to have 3 cards in heart as i guess with 4351 he might bid 2h. I think he has HX maybe even KQ but it is much against the odds. over my 2sp partner can still bid 3h with HXX in hearts if that what he ...
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: A65 J6 AK5 98632
If partner has a decent 5 cards in sp that makes 2sp a good contract (but a little too weak to overcall) he is free to lead that suit and we will beat 1nt maybe by some tricks and if we does not have 5 cards in sp we might ...

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