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Ilya Kuzkin
Ilya Kuzkin
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March 27, 2013
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me
I am an Oracle database specialist who also happens to be a decent bridge player. I try to play 2 major events/year, but usually play zero due to the time constraints.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 3 Open Pairs events in a row at a regional with different partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gordon Campbell
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
One Law for the Rich?
- Director!!! - How can I help you? - I asked for medium rare and my chateaubriand, obviously, isn't. - You can accept it and it stays on the table, you can send it back to the kitchen or you can order another meal and your steak stays on your table until someone ...
Unusual Pairings and names.
I suggest you play with Eric Greco.
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
"Papas Bravas" - a group of programmers working on a bridge AI engine.
proofredaers wanted!
Scrambling after a Redouble.
"Jxxx Jxxx xxxx x -- pass. If partner bids 2♣, bid 2♦." You've got an easy 1 bid, why would you want to be somewhere else "x xxx xxxx xxxxx -- bid 1♠ and run to 2♣ when doubled." Oh, the opps might be extra happy when the bidding proceeds ...
An Obvious Shift Problem
I see no problems with discouraging clubs, showing the spade switch. First, this is just a preference, it's not a command to lead spades at trick two.I don't expect partner to switch to a spade at trick 2 with QTxx or a similar holding. On top of ...
Where did you learn to play bridge?
"I wonder what happened to him." According to Wikipedia he became a backgammon player and a "runner-up in the 1996 World Cup; as of 2007 he was the 5th-rank player in the world". Sometimes life takes interesting turns. Based on his pedigree I suspect he could become a really good ...
Perhaps there is a moral
Ken, I know where the confusion is coming from because I fell into the same trap. Instead of "The first four and a half tricks" it should read "The first five and a half tricks" (3 rounds of black suits, diamond to the ace, running the Q, playing a ...
Ilya Kuzkin's bidding problem: A64 954 --- KQ98742
I probably should've specified more options for people who abstained to find out whether they disagree specifically with 1 or 5 call (or both). For now, for the purposes of this poll I would like to force both of those bids upon you whether you disagree with ...
Minorwood or Redwood?
Hi Barry, Left field: I don't buy into a concept of using 0314 or 1430 based on a context regardless of age and memory capabilities. It is a disaster waiting to happen. That's why I like using 0314 throughout. The losses are situational and minimal, but being risk ...

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