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A Beautiful Hand
You're right, this could be refined further, but it doesn't seem necessary. The above is likely a very close estimate.
A Beautiful Hand
Yes, I think that's right. Thanks for the correction
A Beautiful Hand
Dave, given that someone has AKQJ of a suit, I think it is much more likely they have more than 4 than exactly 4. What we want to compare is the number of hands with AKQJ tight of clubs and the number of hands with AKQJ of clubs and more ...
Fairfield Regional, Woodbridge Sectional
Awesome, thank you!
Fairfield Regional, Woodbridge Sectional
Lol, thanks Mike :)
Conventions that work best (when they don't come up)
My agreements after 2H second negative: 2S relays 2NT, then suit bids by opener are non-forcing. 2NT by opener is non-forcing. Suits at the three level are forcing. Actually having agreements for this situation makes the 2H second negative much more effective
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K QT84 KJ92 9862
I had 5-1-1-6 shape, so 3 NT wasn't a consideration. 5C was a claim if clubs split 2-1.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 82 9 KT63 QT8764
That's what I told him...
Easier Source
It seems to me that another indication that a spade lead is best is that partner could have doubled 2D with a decent 5 card diamond suit.

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