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Ian Grant
Ian Grant
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Sept. 14, 2015
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about me

EBU rank: Premier Life Master.

I play my own "Grumpy Club" system in partnership with my wife.

Short (forcing) 1C (11+hcp, no better bid) with forcing 1D response (neg or natural)

5 card majors, weak NT.

1D in 1st/2nd seat is 9-11 balanced or natural, natural in 3rd/4th.

Multi 2C, 2D and 2NT opening bids, Ekren-style 2H (3-11 hcp), normal weak 2S.

See website for EBU convention card.

United Kingdom

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What is the meaning of this double?
Well it means that of all the options that have so far presented themselves your choice would be to defend 3X. If that's not a penalty double I don't know what is.
John Ferman's bidding problem: AQ75 QJ3 A5 QT84
Looks like 'no preference, you choose' to me.
John Ferman's bidding problem: AQ75 QJ3 A5 QT84
My partner asked me to pick a minor and I have a definite preference so I'm going to show it.
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: AQ5 T AQJT9xx 62
...and I'm happy too! :-)
Rae Murbach's bidding problem: J53 T5 A862 KQ73
Abstain because I wouldn't pass first time (I would double).
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: 32 A4 AKT85432 A
Bits of cloth you wear around your neck to conceal the buttons on your shirt.
Garbage Stayman
Maybe a transatlantic thing. I never got taught anything; I learned all of my bridge from books.
Garbage Stayman
Not unless we have at least 4 diamonds. Note that we are confident about our wriggle after 1NT-p-p-X.
Garbage Stayman
Garbage Stayman is slightly different where I play; following 2 a 2 or 2 bid is to play and shows a 5 card suit (and 4 cards in the other major by implication). Similarly a 3 rebid after 2 is to play; responder will have ...
Stayman... or Not?
Garbage Stayman is usually played a little differently in my neck of the woods 1NT-2-2-2M shows 5 cards in the bid major (and 4 in the other by implication).

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