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Protection ?
Hi Ed. Many people I respect, including some team-mates, would agree with your disagreement with me on my (2). The issue in the real world though is that no-one seems to be able to sensibly advise how to do that as a practical matter (and the other discussion re what ...
Protection ?
Hi Roland. The trite answer to you is "because he would have opened". However, as I'm sure you gather, I largely share your view in general. Certainly, the honour distribution could well have been different, and, to a degree, the suit distribution. Ian C
Protection ?
Still the same question though, Christopher. Many such situations are bid, pass, dbl. I'm perhaps open to the view that a break in tempo might suggest bidding or doubling over passing, but more rarely over each other. So, as in the actual case (5 bid) here, what is ...
Advice needed - Kaplan Inversion/Flannery players welcome
Thanks, Peter. I will consider your suggestion re 6/4 & 5/5 switching from the normal Gazzilli context. I suppose there is also the possibility of playing transfers from 2NT, where they can be 6+/4 or 5+/5+? That might allow both the direct raising and the transfer into ...
Protection ?
Hi Jeff. I am aware of the potential difference in theory in these phrases, but how are you suggesting that should manifest itself in practise? It seems to me that if you're applying a qualitative assessment, then they morph to being similar if not the same in the context ...
Protection ?
Hi David (and others). The more I hear about "break in tempo" issues, if indeed they are all issues, the more I think the laws are either poorly written and/or poorly understood (including perhaps by me). This is going to give rise to inconsistent rulings and inconsistent appeals committee ...
Interestingly, Michael. Now I think about it, I have seen those auctions you mentioned played as light splinters (though not by me). Ian C
Hi Dave. No, Michael is correct, at least in the literal sense - though I suspect he understood the intent. I was insufficiently precise. Perhaps a clause along the lines "considering two level or higher actions" might have been sufficient to clarify. Ian C
Hi Dave. I'm glad you wrote what you did - else I would have had to. In short, if a bid the level below would have been natural and forcing (or if it has some other agreed meaning, and the bid one level below it is natural and forcing), then ...
Prealert? Nothing? Something else?
Hi Yu. One or both of us is being inadvertently obtuse - my apology in advance if its me! Your comment about 1 1NT not expecting to have a negative value makes me wonder whether you misread Pavlicek's stats as formatted. In each case, he expresses it in terms ...
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