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Fourteen winners, one loser
Hi David. To simplify, Frances logic appears to be that 4 is a "Last Train" type slam try because there is no other way to make a forcing bid supporting spades. I would question this, as it is seemingly premised, amongst other things, on 4NT being natural. My view ...
Fourteen winners, one loser
In short, Richard. 2 does not promise 6 spades (or even a good five necessarily) in many, perhaps most, classic 2/1 methods. Ian C
Fourteen winners, one loser
Hi Kit. Whilst I'm an either 1st/2nd round control guy (with Kickbo/Turbo to follow), I would expect 4 to show a control. If you tried to formalise it into a rule, how would you describe that 4 doesn't say anything about clubs, e.g ...
Fourteen winners, one loser
Hi Jeff. For your second point, do you mean 1 2 2 3 3 5/5? If so, what would you be intending by each of the two options? Ian C
Fourteen winners, one loser
Hi Richard. Frances' 3 suggestion was in a different context. She may have bid it in anyway, but that is unclear. I quite like the idea of a 3 preference from opener on the 3rd round, but they would nevertheless be worried about never having got the spade ...
Fourteen winners, one loser
Hi David. I must say that this view seems alien to me - in terms of both general principles and pragmatism (see Ian G's take above). Why do you believe it so? Ian C
Fourteen winners, one loser
Yes, Frances. I think the agreement that a 2NT rebid, showing a 6 card suit (which has gained some currency in recent times) works well here. It might also lead to 3 over 2NT from South, after which 3 would be a more forward going action than in ...
Fourteen winners, one loser
Thanks, Andy. Do you think responder might be worried about trumps? But, I agree of course, if responder ventured 4, there is a much stronger chance of getting to slam (and the best slam). As a side question, should responder venture 4 in an auction such as this ...
Off the rails yet again
Hi All. It seems to me that "no Kickback in a shown suit" is a pretty easy agreement to implement - and would have worked here. The only thing that really needs discussing is the addendum to the rule - after minor suit agreement, do you go up the line until you ...
Precision - NT ranges w/o Kokish 1!H and w/o 2NT strong/balanced?
Hi Eric. My advice (which is not a direct answer to your question) is if you can get a solution which blends elegantly with your current/preferred methods, then go for it, but don't bend them too much to do so. Strong 2NT openings, whatever the range, are infrequent ...
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