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Defence to magic club
Hi Ronald. I'm familiar with the 3 or 4 main defence approaches to the Multi 2. The point was, in context, that you need to have a means to force partner for at least one round (other than a penalty pass). By default, Art's suggestion didn't ...
Defence to magic club
Hi Art. If you're going to do that (I'm not sure I would) then you would need to make 1NT either T/O of or any very strong hand (as the other three would logically no longer be forcing). If this were inherently a good approach, then ...
Defence to magic club
Interesting, Alex. It's a long time since I've played against anything Carrotti-based. If you have a copy of the system, or even the openings, please PM me and I'll give you an email address to ping it across to me for my interest only, if you don ...
EBU Selection Trials: a proposal
Hi David. I don't know the detail of the Dutch method, but am assuming from the context that it involves an element of human opinion/judgement - and the balance of this reply assumes this. My apology in advance if this is in error. Your post implies that it is ...
Selection Problems
Completely agree with your sense of natural justice, David. I think the underlying problem is even more fundamental - having a "Selection Committee" at all. It's an almost sure recipe for regularly having justice not being seen to be done - note Ben's comments above also on this. However, complete ...
Slow return - to the 1990's
Hi Roland. A link to your separate post: Ian C
Bridge justice on the edge
Hi Roland. A link back to my article: I'll put a link forward to yours within it. Ian C
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
Hi Roland. I can't comment with expertise as a matter of law, but sub-minimum actions occur all over the place within the game. The time you stretch to make a 2/1 with a shaped hand, risking getting too high to ensure getting to the right strain. The time ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
Good point, Paul. I did know about Drury originally denying support, but had forgotten. I'm not sure about the sub-minimum argument you make though. 80% plus experts open light in 3rd, especially NV - and they wouldn't believe they are psyching (notwithstanding some correspondence over time about undisclosed agreements ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
Hi Ed. I'm not old enough and was born on the wrong continent in context, so can't speak with authority about the genesis of the Drury convention. However, it strikes me that its intent was to avoid 3M down one when opener has a minimum opening, or a ...
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