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Implications of the missing board 16
Hi Gordon. I have noted this phenomenon in the UK also. It seems to me that 6 * 8 board matches is better for a number of reasons: fairer, less time consuming (one fewer board but more importantly, one fewer break between matches) and it lends itself to two even sessions ...
A Third Bidding Approach
Very kind of you, Kieran. It was fun to play too :) Ian C
A Third Bidding Approach
Hi Michael. Check out this list in general, and Sandgroper in particular. We played it extensively 20 years ago, with reasonable success. Ian C
A Third Bidding Approach
I don't agree, Ian G. I am more likely to bid, and bid aggressively, over the less defined method. If a Precision pair get to open 1M, they are already ahead of the game - your interference is unlikely to cause them too much bother. This is not true of ...
Defence to DBL of 1NT showing a single-suiter (or similar)
EPILOGUE Thank you to all those who replied to the article - much appreciated! Before I asked, my instinct (as it always is) was to try and make advance T/O arrangements for overcaller's potential suit. I judge this is the best type of defence to a Multi 2 ...
Scary Dummy
Hi Kit. I can't disagree with most of your detailed analysis. What caught my eye most was auction position after 1 (1) P (1NT) ?. I like to think our generic defensive methods can handle almost all situations, but we wouldn't have been on firm ground here ...
Slow Tricks
Hi Florian. As it happens, I would instinctively overcall with the West hand (as whatever method I'm playing requires, in my case, 2 showing diamonds and a major, 5+/4+ either way) so whether I should is somewhat moot. If I did bother to think about it before ...
Bidding their transfer suit
Hi Barry. It depends what you play the DBL of the transfer as - and interestingly, I was just discussing this with Doug Bennion in an older Bridgewinners article. If you start from the premise you always want a take-out DBL available (this is true for me) then you have three ...
suggested defence vs a unusual 2-way bid.
Indeed, Doug. We would also treat it the way we treat transfers ... DBL = T/O of the shown suit Pass then DBL = Penalty Cue = Two suited (for us this is Top'n'Bottom, but if I were playing with a Michaels person, it would be Michaels) Your right about the ...
How do you play this 2NT bid?
You could be right, Marshall. I don't have a big enough sample space against good enough players to be sure. In any case, I the possibility of returning to a WK only 2NT structure is now in the back of my mind. Against that, there is something structurally sounds ...
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