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Howard Sandler
Howard Sandler
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July 6, 2012
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Retired college professor.  

United States of America

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Scoring 800 on a set of Bridge World MSC hands and seeing my name listed on the panel of experts (January, 1981).
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Vanderbilt Bridge Club, Nashville, Tn.
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Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
Louis, It's on my card because the people I generally play with insist on it. Doesn't mean I have to use it myself. hms
Reynolds Team Matches- Changes in the Conditions of Contest
Jim, I get all that, but this is an "opt in" requirement, rather than an "opt out" one. There are plenty of data to suggest that people don't respond in the same way those two options. hms
Reynolds Team Matches- Changes in the Conditions of Contest
Kibitzing these matches has been a great way to enjoy good quality bridge. Some good friends of mine are playing tomorrow. I hate the thought that I can’t watch, root, etc. I hope captains will make kibitzing the default condition. Why should a few cheats ruin the experiences of ...
Three little hands from school
Assuming N is the opening bidder, after 1 Major, S would bid 2NT (LR+j. N would then bid the shortness, either 4, or 3. S would bid game on the first 2 hands. S would bid 4 (control) on the 3rd and 4th hands. N will ...
District 7 Columbia/Atlanta Regionals are A GO!
Debbie, This link is better. Hms
Robot "Bridge" Forum
Buddy, You are not alone. Hms
Gratis Book One More Time
Thank you very much. Hms
JALL's Brilliance on Display
This is easy to use: Just play through the hand and save the result.
Backwash Squeeze or What?
Leonard, Try this code: {handviewer n=s2qh2atd23jc239at&e=s34h34569kjd9kckj&s=s567akh78d45aqc45&w=s89jthqd678tc678q&b=1&d=e&v=-&a=1h1sp1n2h3dp4sppp&p=hqh2h3h7c6c2ckc4hkh8c7had2d9dqd6s5s8sqs3s2s4sks9sastc3h4c5c8cacjcth5s6cqs7sjhth6d7d3dkdad4d8djh9c9hjd5dt} It was generated by this website: (thanks to Will Roper for posting it originally) hms
Substitutes for Drury When Opps Overcall after 1!H or 1!S
I play 2 as Drury with almost everyone. It has worked well. I do play 2 openers as weak. This frees up the 2 bid in this auction to show a “weak 2 in clubs”. It may not be best (I would prefer transfers), but it is ...

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