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open ACBL bridge clubs
Ah, English, where adjectives (are there any open bridge clubs?) and imperatives (OPEN bridge clubs!) are spelt and positioned identically :)
Mark Jones's bidding problem: J84 AKQ9876 --- 986
6, though truth be told I'm worried about missing a grand slam if partner has, say, A xx xxx AKQxxxx or --- xx Axxx AKQxxxx
Phillip Martin's bidding problem: 2 AQ8 AQ9852 A62
2, followed by 2 or 2nt, to show extras, seems preferable to 3, especially considering how 3 cramps the auction and that we have stoppers in both rounded suits.
I would apreciate your opinion on this bidding
I hadn't thought of 4 as a "last train game try," but now that you mention it it's both brilliant and obvious.
ATB - we pushed them to slam. Again.
I don't think that anyone did anything wrong here. I would mention, in favor of bidding 3 instead of 4, the philosophy that giving the opponents the chance to make a wide-ranging bid at the game level is an alternative form of making them guess, so that ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K7 AK6 Q7542 QJ9
For me, 3 here denies a diamond stopper and searches for a 4=3 heart fit, perhaps with a hand like Axx AKJx Qxx QJx Where 4 might be a playable game. Hence, 3 is a denial of 3 but suggests a 4=3 spade fit ...
Henry Sun's bidding problem: JT2 753 Q7532 Q8
Paul, I think I need both the k and the a to be onside playing from my side. Playing from partner's side, I need the a to be onside and for the opponents not to be able to run 4 diamond tricks.
Bidding Question: NMF
So in my opinion, with the NMF being 2, this question is made simpler by the presence of 2, whether that bid is used to separate minima from maxima or whether it is used as a shape denial (i.e., 2 not 4 hearts and not 3 ...
Henry Sun's bidding problem: JT2 753 Q7532 Q8
@Richard, yes. Our auction went 1-1 2-2nt 3nt all pass If I had rebid 3 instead of 2nt, then opener would have declared and that might have saved us a trick. And I note that only two responders chose to rebid 2nt, so perhaps the stopperless ...
Henry Sun's bidding problem: JT2 753 Q7532 Q8
Thanks to all who voted or responded. Opener had KQxx AQx x AKJxx (Can't blame him for rebidding 2 with that). EDIT TO ADD: I rebid 2nt and opener raised to 3nt. Sadly a heart lead found the king of hearts offside, and a quick diamond switch led ...

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