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Henry Bethe
Henry Bethe
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Nov. 18, 2010
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June 9, 2015
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about me

Learned to play bridge in 1958 by reading "Point Count Bridge Complete" by Charles Goren. Started playing duplicate in 1960. Conservative: I still believe in "opening bid facing opening bid should offer a good play for game" which restricts my notions of what constitutes an opening bid. Often offer my opinions as a BBO VG commenter.

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ACBL Grand LM; 3 NABC Wins
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None since 2003 or so
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Ithaca Bridge Club
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Any National, Particularly Las Vegas
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Open 2015 Trials Discussion Thread
No, and it would help if y'all would read the conditions before asking questions. 1&2 are predetermined. 3/4 is then settled by random draw. If the winner of the RR is 3 or 4 it can ask for a redraw.
Should 2NT opening with 7- 17pts showing 5-5 or longer in both minors be a Pre-Alert in Club Games?
Only reason I said other is that a lot depends on the methods popular in the club. For example, in my club I insist on pre-alerts of 2 as weak Roman (or Precision); In Florida weak Roman is so common that you almost have to alert if you don ...
Bud Hinckley's bidding problem: AK954 AQ AQT853 ---
One should always try for +170
NYT Bridge RIP?
What a youngster. My early years were spent reading Morehead's column, which ran from (about) 1933 until he relinquished it shortly before his death. I started reading it in the mid-fifties which lasted then for 10+ years.
Which call do like the least?
In my (bridge) world, which is obviously not the same as many of yours, 1-1-2-3 is fairly automatic. Responder can't rebid 3 because that shows 5-5 in the majors INVITATONAL. Opener's third bid should be 3. Not 3N with three small hearts ...
Gatlinburg Regional TOTALS
That was independent of the size of the regional. Remember that was pre-stratified, pre-flighted, pre-bracketed. Essentially everyone played in one event per day: often Mixed pairs, Masters' Pairs (playthrough), Open Pairs (Qual and final) and Swiss Teams; Sometimes Men's and Women's pairs rather than mixed.
Gatlinburg Regional TOTALS
One thing I find very interesting: when I worked on the McConnell Committee, the average masterpoints per table at Regionals was about 3, not 6.5.
Micha Böcker's bidding problem: Q63 AQ5 KT42 QT5
Most of us are American, not continental European. In Europe it has remained fashionable to make takeout doubles based on high card values. Not so much here.
ATB : missed slam
The fault, Dear Brutus, is in the system and not in the men playing it.
ATB: Missed slam
I can't follow this. please convert to a hand diagram with a bidding chart.

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