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What should TD Rule? Misinformation or Misbid or Extremely Serious Error
Not everyone preempts with 6-4 in the majors.
What should TD Rule? Misinformation or Misbid or Extremely Serious Error
No, the opponents have the right the the correct information only. They are not entitled to know about the mixup. If they somehow finds out about it they may use it but we adjust the score as if the correct information (no agreement) was given.
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
Well this case says that if your opponents assume you play sonething without asking, it's your fault if they are wrong. So from now on if you never ask a single question, you can always blame the opponents for not playing what you guessed they were playing.
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
And to ask the first question in this subthread.. Of course the ruling was wrong. The ruling would have been wrong even if 2 was alertable. You simply cannot assume an artificial meaning to a non alerted call and get redress when your assumption were wrong and you cannot ...
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
And I still say No, you do not have to alert it (i can't remember you mentioned it was forcing) , even thought i would alert it myself. What we are discussing is what alerts are mandatory, you are still free to alert anything else unless the regulations prohibit you ...
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
The question is not if you should alert it or not. The question is do you have to alert it and then my answers would be. 2 yes, 2 yes, 2M no. But of course you are allowed to alert 2M if you want to, especially behind screens ...
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
David, any normal bridge player would ask before making such an overcall. Anytime a player assumes without asking then he will only get redress if his assumtions is the same as everybody elses assumptions. If the bidding goes 1-3 and you assume its preemptive but it turns out ...
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
Only if the opening bid is at the 1 level. Over 2 level opening bids no non artificial responses are alertable. Its up to you to protect yourself by asking. When playing with screens you can ask freely without risking any UI problems.
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
Patrick, you play with a partner who before the game starts says "I do not play transfers after 1NT". You open 1NT and he bids 2. Will you assume it's a transfer even though he told you he doesn't play transfers, or would you assume it shows ...
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
Exactly it's an artificial call and therefore has to be alerted.

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