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Aug. 2, 2010
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Partner or Team Needed Atlanta Mon & Tues
We might be interested. We're a solid pair interested in findinf teammates for the senior swiss. Tell me more
Psyching a precision nebulous 1D opener
They basically let him keep his 0 and told my partner, who still doesn't understand why it's illegal - "naughty, naughty, don't do it again"
Psyching a precision nebulous 1D opener
If you play 4 card majors, you will almost always have 3, and 4 will be the most common holding. The actual hand that got me on this site is my partner's pdych with xx xx JTxxx KQx and our opponents got all upset brcause of it. I bid ...
Psyching a precision nebulous 1D opener
I guess the real way around this ridiculousness is to play 4 card majors (my preferred style anyway) in third seat and promise 3 diamonds, since it is apparently legal to psych 1D if it promises 3.
Psyching a precision nebulous 1D opener
I just have a problem with being able to psych 1C in standard and NOT 1D in precision. It essentially bars precision players for psyching when standard players are not barred from psyching 1C. I do understand why I cannot psych 1C in precision. That seems to put an undue ...
Psyching a precision nebulous 1D opener
When I make a very light 3rd seat bid, it's not an upgrade, it's intended as a psych. Whether I open Id, iH, 1S or something semi-natural at the two level depends on what I think is best on that particular hand and has nothing to do with ...
Psyching a precision nebulous 1D opener
I don't think opening a precision 1D as a psyche is any different than opening 1C in standard as a psyche. Although non-precision bidders seem to think it's nebulous, most precision pairs treat the 1D opening as natural. What makes any third seat psyche effective in precsion is ...
Minimum number of diamonds for 1!D opening?
My agreement with my most frequent precision partner is 1, but we explain when asked that it is only 1 if 4-4-1-4. In my preferred precision style, I play 4 card majors, so while the minimum diamond holding is 2, more often than not there are 4 diamonds when we ...
Toronto Roommate
Thanks mike
Toronto Vacation Condos for 3, 4, 5
Mike, I found one also, but my problem is finding roommates to share with. Do you know anyone looking for roommates in Toronto.

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