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Harry Hasiotis
Harry Hasiotis
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Sept. 24, 2015
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Bridge Players and the movie world
If he has an 'Actor' credit on IMDb, he is eligible.
Ripped Off
How can this still be a problem in America, Donald? You invented credit cards. You invented PayPal. You invented iPhones. You are responsible for every major IT innovation. And you landed a man on the moon.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
The formula for 1,000 comments is: 1) a cheating accusation, or 2) controversial EBU selection
I was nearly certain that 'miniscule' was the correct spelling. Live and learn.
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Looks like we got the dream final, Lavazza v Zimmerman
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
This is the most troubling hand, Nick. (Unless someone, anyone, can provide a plausible explanation)
Club policy legal?
It's not unreasonable for strong players to back off a bit when playing against inexperienced players. The opponents ability to defend themselves should be taken into account. This is why we tend not to bowl head-high bouncers at low order batsmen.
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
Maybe it's time for a 'Who's your favourite Vugraph commentator?' poll.
GAWRYS Wins Spingold
The run of the Gupta team was equally impressive (with all due respect to the two finalists)

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