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Harald Berre Skjæran
Harald Berre Skjæran
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May 16, 2011
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about me

Started playing bridge at home when i was 9 years old - filling in when there was only three players.


Started playing in a club at age 12, and played my first tournament at 13, with my brother (one year junior to me).


Became a district authorized TD at age 17 and certified as a national TD in 1991. Got an A+ at the EBL TD seminar in Amsterdam 1992. Been chief TD in our national pairs championships final 10 out of the last 12 years.


I don't play very much, later years mostly in our national league, in the 2nd division and in our national club teams championships, and in one or two tournaments on our national bridge festival. My team won the Norwegian Swiss Teams Championship at the festival in 2010 (quite a surprise to all participants), netting an average of 22 VPs (max 25) over the last eigth matches.


I've been working at the Norwegian Bridge Federations office in Oslo since October 1991.




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Favorite Bridge Memory
Becoming a Norwegian Bridge Champion
Bridge Accomplishments
Nordic School Teams Champion 1987, Norwegian Swiss Teams Champion 2010
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bliBest.bridge (Larvik)
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NOR Club Teams, NOR Team League, NOR Swiss Teams
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In my style, the south hand is definitely not worth a double followed by bidding spades, that shows a stronger hand than this. Passing with the north hand would never occur to me.
Whats a Balanced Openrr?
Hand 3) is better than 4) IMO, so I don’t understand why «only 4)» is an option.
History Lession Invited?
I also thought it was Okuneff before I found the Danish website - which obviousy was faulty on at least one point of information.
BW 2/1: Final Conclusions
And what lead you to believe there’s any difference between a 1430 queen ask and a 0314 queen ask; why couldn’t he just as well have been passed in the latter????
History Lession Invited?
I too don’t understand how one get Ocuneff from Jacoby. I found that reference on a Danish site. It doesn’t make sense in Norwegian either.
History Lession Invited?
In Scandinavia we call this convention Ocuneff. I found a reference for that, saying it’s named after the inventor, Oswald Jacoby, and presented in the Bridge World in 1956.
Selection Problems
One of the better comments in this thread lately....
Do you pass
I’ll obviously bid with this hand over a strong NT. Not doing so is really far out IMO.
Gameforcing or Forcing for one Round
I can’t imagine any expert up here play this as anything but GF. Until I saw the votes I expected a unanimois vote for GF. Just goes to show what I know about bidding methods around the world.....
Flannery Alert and then . . .
"psyching an artificial call which is illegal" - that's true in ACBL and probably quite a few other jurisdictions. But it's not generally illegal throughout the bridge world.

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