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Han Peters
Han Peters
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Nov. 1, 2010
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about me

During daytime I am a theoretical mathematician, working at the University of Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam with Meike Wortel and our 1-year old son Lars. 

I learned to play bridge in the United States; first in Michigan, and later on BBO. I've been back in the Netherlands since 2009, apart from some time spent in Oslo. 

I currently play in the Dutch league for Witte Huis 3, and we just promoted to the highest division. From what I hear 't Ontstein is quite scared already.


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Leon Jacobs
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HOK, Het Witte Huis
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Dutch teams league
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The squeeze
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Han Peters's bidding problem: 742 K652 AQ AQJ5
Short spades.
Falling numbers in Orlando
In what sense is Joel's comment over the top? It certainly is on topic, and rather neutrally written. Perhaps you think not the comment but the opinion is over the top?
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Richard's question seems quite valid, and I don't think that he is asking it because he wants to defend the blue team. Richard is genuinely interested in statistics and in ways to prove cheating. His point is that if you claim (for example) that the Italians never had ...
The Pen or the Pistol
Thanks for your thoughts Graham!
When south offers 3NT, North makes a slam try and south immediately returns to 4NT, this is regressive. Maybe it is a bit strange here, but I think it is much more important to have a clear rule than to have an optimal agreement.
What Should This Cue Bid or Double Mean?
The title says "what should it mean", which I interpret as the last of your options.
Invite 3N or commit?
I did a simple computer simulation, assuming vulnerable. It suggested that bidding game was a clear winner at imps, and a small loser at pairs. Given that the stiff king is likely to win considerably more tricks in real life than in a double dummy simulation, I trust the imp ...
Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
Yes, you are supposed to understand that if the agreement is to bid cues up the line, then 4D denies a club control. This is not rocket science. If you evaluate someone else's auction using your very different agreements, then you often end up looking a bit silly.
Highs and Lows
Nice piece Max. It seems to me that your vacant space considerations on the first page are slightly off. I don't think this is relevant, but I think it is rather simple to see, so maybe you will find my comment interesting. When lefty has 5 spades he is ...
A Deal for All Your Sides
I don't really see the upside of bidding 3NT here, the situation is too clear. But hey, if it caused east to needlessly jump to 6C, then I guess it is a good bid. The last time I psyched exclusion they didn't lead it, so that was good ...

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