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Han Peters
Han Peters
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Nov. 1, 2010
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about me

During daytime I am a theoretical mathematician, working at the University of Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam with Meike Wortel and our 1-year old son Lars. 

I learned to play bridge in the United States; first in Michigan, and later on BBO. I've been back in the Netherlands since 2009, apart from some time spent in Oslo. 

I currently play in the Dutch league for Witte Huis 3, and we just promoted to the highest division. From what I hear 't Ontstein is quite scared already.


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Leon Jacobs
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HOK, Het Witte Huis
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Dutch teams league
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The squeeze
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An update on the CAS ruling
"Now it becomes clear that any claims against cheats cannot be based only on statistics but with additional elements of proof..." What else is there but statistics? A single strange play will never be sufficient to convict a pair. What elements of proof do we need? Should we bug their ...
Interview with Gavin Wolpert
Thanks for the link John, works fine.
Interview with Gavin Wolpert
Thanks for sharing John. It seems I need to download some special program in order to listen to this, correct?
Forgive this not being a bidding poll
I don't like your philosophy. In my opinion the best practice for winning the big games is trying to win the small ones.
A suicidal transfer break
And east might have transferred at the 4-level (if sane).
Difficult to Duck
Eric, the argument that other auctions also wrong-side notrump is not a good reason to wrong-side notrump here as well. Of course, two things need to happen for 2NT to wrong-side notrump. First you should actually end up in notrump, which is certainly not a given after this start of ...
Difficult to Duck
I was referring to the proposal of Lessard, which I understood as 2S promising a minimum. I don't think that he proposes to keep the meaning of all other bids natural.
Difficult to Duck
Kit, if 2S promises a minimum then that is not meaningless.
Prefer non-forcing. Forcing hands have alternatives.
When NOT to explore a 4-4 fit?
The fact that I also wrote that 5332 opposite 4333 with a 54 fit favors 3NT could have made it less surprising for you Michael. As for 4333 opposite 5332, I did use more restrictions on my simulations, tying to take into account that second hand passed, etc. This could ...

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