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That's Universal
4 in the majors is nice to have. support for 3 suits is necessary unless you play equal level conversion. I prefer to bid 1 with 4 good than to X with for example 4333 opening hand. We might push them to the 3 level if partner can ...
What does 4S mean here?
Playing turbo the way we do: if 4 is serious then 4 shows a control, since 4 says no control. If 4 is non serious then 4 for us is 0-1 key cards. Either way 4 now requires cooperation openers next move ...
What does 4S mean here?
Sure if you have no agreements 4 is keen on slam. But how can the 4 bidder know weather he is showing or looking for a control if you have no agreements. EDIT: sorry meant control. Now changed
What does 4S mean here?
If i played kickback this would be kickback but i dont. In our methods west did not deny a control since 4 is non serious 4 just shows Richard’s bad hand. There fore in our methods 4 does not exist. If 4 was serious ...
Assign the Blame for Reaching This Poor Slam
For us 4 from north or south would have been shape not a control. So 4 by south is a slam try in . It looks like north intended 5 as a suggestion to play which does not make much sense over 4. Similarly raising to ...
Question for the matchpoint mavens
4 is very poor when responder has bad or when we have 4 losers in the short suits assuming the shape is correct.
Question for the matchpoint mavens
Well the shape makes sense. The AJ in and three small in make 3 a poor description i think.
Question for the matchpoint mavens
If opener has AJx in and a short or they should have bid 2 the first time. However 3262 3 might play as well as 3 and 5 does not make unless partner has solid . If partner has AJx xx AKQxxx xx ...
Support? Preferences? Q-bid?
Have to agree with Richard on all 5.
Weird ATB problem using transfer responses to 1!c
Another way of thinking about this is as an issue about captaincy. For us going serious means requiring cues below game sometimes it is a tactical move and looking for a cur in a particular suit before going past game. However we play turbo on key card or kickback. Turbo ...

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