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Gregory Nowak
Gregory Nowak
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May 13, 2014
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about me

Beyond over the hill but not hope.

Cherish BW discussions.

I like thoughtful comments and apolitical analysis.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Walking into the local club at the tender age of 31 (1980) armed with 16-18 and Blackwood that I had gotten out of a book. In a few months I got to play with a decent standby and we won. The next week we won again. And then ..."What is this club bid you call Stayman and I'm worried about my clubs?". And we didn't win.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning 2 events at an old sectional when they only had 4. I had 200 masterpoints. My team won the thu bam and my partner and I won the sat open paris. There were no strats or flights.
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A94 Qx KQT9542 A
I've heard 3 or 3 = shortness. And I think playing that is wrong. Just something people say when filling out the card and may never have had the auction. You can't bid 2!N, hear about partner's diamonds, and then continue with 3 or ...
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: AK752 6432 Q5 Q6
Before I saw the poll results, I thought of pass/double? Then 5. 6?? Never thought of it.
Did The Blue Team Cheat?
I can see that view. Or. It's a shame there isn't a way to not have this happen. Or. I love bridge but hate some things that happen. Or. Some part of what I love has been lessened, but not all. Or. Kittens and puppies die, but you ...
Jim Munday's bidding problem: J6 K72 AT943 KQ3
I wouldn't burn energy on a hand like this as a big imp swing hand. So I'm making a boring pass. May be Jim will tell us we either can go for 1100 or make a game.
Did The Blue Team Cheat?
I'm not at all happy answering yes. That can mean anything. Just like the simple wording. And the poll results. I still like the Blue Team and the "good" bridge. Bridge would lose a lot if there was no Terence Reese. But it would be better off without some ...
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: J8 J65 KQ97 7652
No club wasteage? We're supposed to have the hcp for game.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: KJ4 973 A4 AKQ97
Either way. 1N is in my range. Too much of a guess to try something else. Whatever that is.
Ron Smith's bidding problem: 9632 4 JT8642 83
We aren't doubled so far. I weigh that leaving it that way is better than hoping we can make bad better.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: 8752 KQJT8 AQ8 3
Jealous of your result. For some(many) reasons not high on my horizon of expectations.
David Sackett's bidding problem: QJ987 975 973 86
1 is surprising to me. Looks most important- does partner know? The opps? Why? Is a lot better answer than it's clear.
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