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Greg Lawler
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March 19, 2011
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about me

I am a math professor at the University of Chicago who played more bridge when I was younger (became LM when I was 22 in the late 1970s) but have played only infrequently in the last twenty years.  

United States of America

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ACBL Dues Revenue Flow: Bad for Recruitment
Randy, I understand why the 55+ crowd is a target for club owners (and I guess for the ACBL if they measure success by number of people playing at tournaments). But, my (admittedly anecdotal, so I am willing to be corrected) observation is that very few of the people who ...
ACBL Dues Revenue Flow: Bad for Recruitment
Randy, For those of us who are serious about bridge but have zero financial interest (either as club owner or professional player), the influx of 55 year olds learning the game at that age has almost zero effect on the game to us. I do not see how this is ...
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Linda, I am far from being a young player
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
I will make my comments again. I would not call myself a complainer because I am not expecting people to run tournaments for my sake. All I am stating is why I will not attend your tournament, No one has given me any reason that I should travel to attend ...
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Kevin, Have you read the comments of Shawn Drenning (who lives in Austin)?
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Kevin, The complainers are people for whom the system requires them to play with people with the same master point holdings as them rather than their bridge peers. How are these people handled? Does the top level have to be a bracketed RR?
The Death of Teams
If people who play them enjoy it, then they have merit.
Help me attract youth players
I would not advertise bridge pro as a possible (long range) career choice for young people. It is not clear how long bridge will survive on any large scale and, if it does, whether or not there will be a market for teaching/playing professionals.
Adjusted Master Points
That still does not affect the player who just plays very infrequently at tournaments but I guess the ACBL does not mind punishing that kind of player. :)
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Ray, I am defining the premier event to be the one that most of the top players will be playing in. There may be cases that there are competing events that might have a number of top players in them --- if they are both open to all I guess that ...
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