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Graham Osborne
Graham Osborne
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April 21, 2012
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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14= Bucks Swiss Pairs 2014
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Wimbledon Bridge club
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Anything I can finish above average in
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Sergiu Covaliu's bidding problem: A A AK765 AQJ865
Richard, when NT have been bid naturally I play 4NT discouraging. The advantage of playing the other way round when NT have not been bid is if s are agreed that there is room to cue or make a last train effort.
Sergiu Covaliu's bidding problem: A A AK765 AQJ865
In my methods partner would be able to bid 4NT over 4 to show a good 5minor bid
Steve Zolotow's bidding problem: JT4 AK5 Q742 Q65
Since when has playing 1NT at love all been a bad idea?
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AK6532 --- K83 8543
Richard , stop making your problems so tough. Did you get this 'problem' from Rohit's book of beginners bidding?
William Watson's bidding problem: A95 94 A9765 K98
Eric that test is only valid if you believe the purpose in opening the bidding on a balanced minimum is to make sure you don't miss 3NT. I don't. I might bid 1 pass 1NT and the 1NT bidder may have a hand that I would have ...
I still don't understand matchpoints
Trust me. Unfortunately, I bid most hands far worse than this one.
Sexism In Bridge
I avoid this pitfall by sitting South
Difficult Continuation
I think the point is that on one of my better days even I might think of overtaking the D T with J to cash the HK if west ducks trick two.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: AQ42 AKQJT3 Q 92
Strongly disagree with the initial double with a one-suited hand.
ATB - poor 6S
East needed a perfecto 3 bid for slam to be on 2 aces and the trump queen. West would surely drive with that hand after 4 so 6 over 5 is too much.
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