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what is 2 over 1 over takeout double?
For additional opinions and comments on this topic, you may want to look also at [url=]this article[/url].
Bridge Discipline and the IOC
To be fair, there are other valid reasons, completely unrelated to IOC affiliation, that may have prompted international bodies like the WBF or EBL to voluntarily accept CAS jurisdiction. Jan Kamras (the current EBL President) mentioned some in a [url=]comment ...
Olympic status. At what cost?
Steve Moese writes a reply to my comment ending with: [i]Both Don and I found references using Google or searching a website. Giorgio can too. Do the work.[/i] First of all, the burden of proof for statements that are not self-evident generally falls on the person(s) who ...
Olympic status. At what cost?
First of all, an authoritative statement does not necessarily mean a "statement made by a person of authority." It could be, for example, a reference to IOC rules or statutes that spell out conditions for membership. More to the point, it seems to me that if one wants to have ...
Olympic status. At what cost?
Seriously. I did not ask for examples where our authority over discipline has been "usurped by IOC affiliation" (whatever that's supposed to mean). I asked for an [i]authoritative statement[/i] as to the exact extent to which national and international bridge organization [i]must[/i] relinquish their authority ...
Olympic status. At what cost?
David's OP begs another related question. We read regular complaints here on BW about having to sacrifice control over discipline as a price for IOC affiliation. Can anyone here provide an authoritative statement as to the exact extent to which national and international bridge organization [i]must[/i] relinquish ...
Leads from doubleton honor sequences
@MK: Actually I'm curious, does Kantar's 1975 book recommend leading Q from KQ tight?
Update from the Bridge Podcasting World
Eric, it has been available for a few months:
It's Northeastern's Turn to Push for a Club
Jack, perhaps it may be a good idea for you to contact the officers of other student clubs that have been officially recognized by NEU recently, and ask them how they answered the questions on their application forms. Obviously, some of their answers may not be directly applicable to a ...
The charges brought by the FIGB against FN list the following events: "... 2013 Bermuda Bowl in Bali, semifinal USA1 - Monaco, during the whole match an in particular session 2, 2013 Bermuda Bowl in Bali, final Monaco-Italy, during the whole match and in particular session 3, 2014 European Championship in Croatia ...
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