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Greg, don't try to get facts in the way of prejudice: it is always a losing proposition.
John, now you've piqued my interest. You say that there are groups of people in Italy who think that rules do not apply to them: I would agree with that. You seem to acknowledge that similar groups exist elsewhere, including the US: I would also agree with that. You ...
Deportment -- who's at fault?
Kieran: "In Australia ... nobody plays upside down." Are you saying that almost all players in Australia play standard signals? Sorry about asking something that has nothing to do with this thread, I'm genuinely curious.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
I have a question: what evidence is there that WBF was ever in possession of a physical copy of the tape, or of a transcript of it? We have Ortiz-Patino's account of listening to the tape, but if I remember correctly he never claimed to have been given a ...
The upside of bridge as a sport?
Gene, to be completely honest I'm not quite sure what point you were trying to make in your first comment, and even less so in the second. I do have an opinion about what the OP was saying: I believe that whatever extra publicity can be generated for bridge ...
The upside of bridge as a sport?
Gene, I think that the OP meant that the BBC article would not have happened if Bridge hadn't been featured in the Asian Games and, in turn, it is likely that the inclusion of Bridge in the Asian Games was facilitated by the IOC's recognition of Bridge as ...
Open Atlanta Discussion Thread
I've just posted the team standings after the first Swiss session on the GT Bridge Club FB page.
Open Atlanta Discussion Thread
Twelve teams from ten colleges and universities will compete in the final, face-to-face round of the 2018 Collegiate Bridgebowl, which starts tomorrow, Aug. 2nd. This year's format consists of three qualifying Swiss sessions followed by a knockout stage. Some of the Bridgebowl matches will be broadcast live on Vugraph ...
Atlanta Thread: Not Results or Events, But Basic Info
Some additional information about transportation and parking is at
After 1m-1H with a balanced minimum hand?
FWIW I posted a poll back in April about this very question:
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