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Giles Hancock
Giles Hancock
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Aug. 3, 2012
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47 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
New Zealand

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top on handicap Friday afternoon in Wellington !
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
We don't teach our beginners Stayman either. There are probably a lot of beginners not alerting a natural 2 response to a 1NT opening.
Scrolling down to GET MORE CONTENT
Right-click on the post and then open in new tab.
Insufficient Bids
1S (P) 3S (P) 4NT(5H) 5C intended as showing no aces can be replaced by a DOPI double
Tied pairs winners in a 5 table howell.
most boundaries
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
Depends which player it is. Different laws for Declarer, defender, dummy.
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
Well, the next to play in rotation after the played card gets the final decision.
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
If Declarer leads from the wrong hand then you should call the Director. Your partner is allowed to offer their opinion, next defender to play gets to decide. There is no rush if you are next to play. Dummy can prevent a play from the wrong hand, but once it ...
Ruling fron Eastbourne
She should speak up, there is possible UI, possible damage.
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
Your teammate is very rude.
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