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Giles Hancock
Giles Hancock
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Aug. 3, 2012
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
New Zealand

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top on handicap Friday afternoon in Wellington !
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is a ‘convention’?
A conventional bid is anything that is unconventional.
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
Not everyone is in ACBL-land. (Thankfully.)
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
It's really not John.
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
1NT - 2C - 3H
Law 23 Comparable Call
This is the example on page 6 ? Mr Kooiman states that 2NT may lead to a score adjustment.
Insufficient Qbid: Is a Sufficient Qbid Comparable?
Isn't there also the possibilty of an Unintended Call ? The Director needs to question the offender as to their intention (and probably look at their cards and system card).
Confused old man
I play with people aged 90+ at my club, two of them I promise to play with every year if possible. The gentleman (99) could hardly see, no colour definition, could hardly hold his cards, slow. But he knew what he was doing. We got 75% one night. The lady ...
What is the meaning of demonstrably?
The fact that a herd of wild horses just ran through the playing venue, causing the players to pause briefly, does not make Jo's hesitation unauthorised information to his partner.
Teaching/Educational Materials: Rules; Ethics; Spirit of the Game; Director and Recorder function; etc.
Might be useful :
Director call vs. fun
We would say "girl's blouse", but I suppose that's not PC either.
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