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Geeske Joel
Geeske Joel
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Basic Information

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June 23, 2010
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47 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Ex-soccer player, Leonberger-lover, happily married to a computer geek, living in Palo Alto, CA; unemployed PhD. in Biology, who is probably way too ambitious in her Bridge playing goals.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Team mate kissing me on my head because I underlead my AKxxxx to get a ruff and set 6S
Bridge Accomplishments
1st W's Swiss, 1st W's BAM; 2nd W's BAM three times, 2nd in Wagar K.O. 5th Place Venice Cup and McConnell Cup, several top ten in NABC open events
Regular Bridge Partners
Will Watson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Palo Alto 503
Favorite Tournaments
Most Nationals, Monterey Regional
Favorite Conventions
2NT - 3S; 3NT now responders describes a slamish hand with minors
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is 1NT-(4!S)-4NT?
Our agreement 4NT is take out when opps are in 4M, we have not agreed on a suit and Pass is not forcing.
ACBL Website
I recommend google cloud ;-)
Meckstroth Elected to Hall of Fame
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Why are men more successful at bridge than women?
"If a couple learn in their 50s after the kids have left home, the husband will usually turn out to be the better player even if the wife has more spare time and plays more." Quite a sweeping statement. If at all possible, I would love to know if there ...
An Offense After a Standard Flannery Defense
We play 2 (2M) 2NT is still asking about openers hand. Now 3m is shortness, 3 minimum 4-5-2-2 and 3 maximum 4-5-2-2. 4m is void splinter with 4 of other minor, 4 is 5S-6H minimum hand.
Michael Seamon (1960-2017)
Michael was one of the players I always was looking forward to seeing at Nationals. He never failed to stop, say Hi, asked how things are going and joked around having "to put up" with having Janice on my team when that was the case. He rooted for us and ...
Bidding a Strong Hand Across From a Negative Double
From our system notes: Jumps show extra values, but are NOT FORCING For example, over a negative double of 1♥: 1♣ (1♥) Dbl (Pass); 2♠ = This JUMP to 2♠ shows about 15 HCP 1♣ (1♥) Dbl (Pass); 3♠ = This DOUBLE JUMP shows about 17 HCP Opener’s only forcing bid ...
Jackie Matthews: 1936-2016
Jackie was the best! I remember at my first "sleepover regional" in Monterey years ago, she showed us around, made sure we ended up in the right game and congratulated us to the 5 Masterpoint we earned for the week of play. Ever since, first thing after getting to a ...
Mitch Towner: Poker and Bridge Winner on Same Day
Mitch, you are THE MAN!!!
Sexism In Bridge
I have been pretty lucky in my life in that I rarely encountered discriminating behaviour toward me based on my gender even though I have been part of male dominated worlds all my life (chess, soccer when there were no girl teams in Germany, Science). I cannot remember ever feeling ...

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