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Gary Hann
Gary Hann
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Oct. 13, 2013
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about me

Available for Teaching.  Should you wish to learn my system and how it can generate games (recently, 73%, 71%, and 84% in Swiss as retained partner), it may open up a new dimension and new world of bridge for you to consider :)




But, you don't have to use my simple but effective techniques.  I'll play what you play as well!




NABC 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places.  Winner of 26 Flight A Regional KOs, 85 Regionals overall, 1 Nationwide Charity Game, 9,500+ master points.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Partnering Omar Sharif, Barry Crane, Dr. John Fisher, Zeke Jabbour, Ralph Katz, Paul Heitner, Sophie Gimbel of Gimbel's-NYC. Giving my Lecture "Casino Bridge" :)
Bridge Accomplishments
8 Blue Ribbon Pair Finals (4 Top 12 Finishes) of 9 Played; Defeating the Aces in Spingold; Won 3 KO's at Regional w/3 Different Teams; BBO Voice Commentator, Former ACBL Board of Directors, Chairman ACBL Board of Governors 1991-1995
Favorite Conventions
Carter Stayman; Transfers Over Doubles; Intermediate Jump Overcalls
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ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
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Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
Agreements not to litigate, between parties of differing advantage ("you can't belong unless you sign my terms"), rarely hold up in a court of law.
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
David - IMHO, this is a fantastic idea, and your humorous approach makes a strong point and case!
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
There will be another article published as a result of the recent unconscionable action. As Chris notes, the SEC has set an effective framework. However, we need to go beyond even that, the the principles under which many countries were founded and/or operate. There needs to be some form ...
Ethics applied to a playing director
Ah, the voice of reason :)
Are these weak 2-bids?
My partners love it, Dave! I can't recall the last penalty from a weak-2, but do have memories of many, many pluses as a result. (One partner had to be heavily persuaded to try my weak-2s, and finally agreed in the middle of a Swiss team. We crushed the ...
Are these weak 2-bids?
Hi Craig - On the first hand, just how do I "pick up" that void? :) In my partnerships, we open all weak 2's, defined as "bad hands", and the first qualifies, with the potential added protection of being 6-5. On the second, I could care less whether LHO is ...
Radical Revamp of NABC Schedules?
Rena - The professional community, as you're probably aware, would rise in concerted and vigorous opposition to a reduction in paydays. This raises the question as to who, exactly, is the clientele we're promoting and assisting? Just asking, as I certainly don't have the definitive answer . . .
Radical Revamp of NABC Schedules?
Mary Jane Farrell? :) (Couldn't help it J/K)
A Recommendation for USA Bridge
Perhaps it became to expensive and time consuming to update the revolving door of responsible person's names? (J/K)
Radical Revamp of NABC Schedules?
Many topics rolled into one Post, Rena! One thought - starting all major team games on Day 1 will likely reduce entries, perhaps considerably. Although professional teams now win all these events, other teams form during the tournament. Also, entries are typically due the night before . . . My strong opposition to drop-ins ...
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