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Gabriel Fractman
Gabriel Fractman
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July 28, 2014
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about me

I live in Madrid, Spain. Bridge is only my hobby, but I try to take it as seriously as work and family allow.


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Played for Spain's National Team on several occasions, last one in Budapest 2016 EU Champs (no, I was not in Wroclaw :).
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Gabriel Carrasco
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EU Championsihps, Biarritz
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Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: ATx QJ987 --- K9432
Well, by "reasonable" I meant that there could be some logic behind it. Fortunately for this game many times different players look at the same hand and see different things. For the record, this hand was played in the USA2 trials (I think the final round) and I replayed it ...
What am I missing?
For me even thinking about doubling the opponents at the 2 level with only 3 trump when our side has a 9+ fit and I have a distributional hand is out of the question. Switch your and and if double is played as penalty then it can be ...
How to bid 7!C?
I think both proposed sequences so far are influenced by looking at the four hands. It is not always easy to abstract yourself from the fact that you know the other hand. In this case: is it clear to rebid 4 bypassing 3NT level without knowing partner has such ...
Bob Okker's bidding problem: KT32 KQ983 A6 AQ
Sorry to spoil the party, but what would you rebid with ATxxAKTxxxxxx? Is not that a clear 4 rebid? Then how would parter know?
Walter Schmid's bidding problem: AKJ3 J9 Q3 AKQJ9
Of course the bidding by North can be "sligthly improved", but if I am there and partner has 2 Aces and 2 Kings the only reasonable try is 7NT (7 could be better but since we got so much information I am not sure).
How do we avoid this disaster?
There is no much South can do in the club suit; if he plays J or 9 North may well think he has only two left and that declarer started with 5 clubs. But as already mentioned it is very unlikely that South will have an entry knowing ...
Cue-bid = good raise of partner overcall
Correct. I meant 1-2-Pass-2NT. I think this makes more sense as natural rather than as a cue-bid.
Cue-bid = good raise of partner overcall
Thank you for all the feedback; it turned out to be an interesting question after all. One thing to take into account is that unless you play in a very established partnership (or if you are a professional) sometimes it is not easy to extend your agreements like "if they ...
Pen-out Double?
I think West can make a move after 2 before South is given a chance to bid 3. He is willing to compete to the three level and knows East is not completely broke, so he can invite on the way either by 3 or 3 ...
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: Q AJ9x Q8x KTxxx
Daniel, it is true that 4NT by partner is for take-out (normally two-suiter) but it forces partner to bid; so you need a more extreme distribution. Direct Double is also take-out, in the sense that it promises some support for all other suits, but allows partner to pass if he ...
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