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Gábor Szőts
Gábor Szőts
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April 9, 2012
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July 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Electrical engineer (power system protection)

Used to play chess, now active in computer chess testing. Fond of classical music, pop music agreeing with my age, detective stories, thrillers, various sports, games of logic.

Started to play bridge in 1974. Won my first major tournament in 1980.

More interested in bidding than in card play.

I used to be a regular commentator at BBO. Now and then still do it.



Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Hungarian teams champion in 2011 and 2012, Hungarian IMP pairs champion in 2014. Once I executed an entry-shifting squeeze at the table.
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Bridge Festival
Favorite Conventions
1m-2m-2H showing a balanced hand
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Fourth seat openings.
Once I opened 2 4th in hand with opening strength. The opponents reopened with a double and overbid us on the 3 level (not even in spades), making. Not sure they would have reopened after 1-1x-2H. Unfortunately I don't remember the hands. My gut feeling is that ...
Who is wrong?
Why is 5 laydown?
Is there a standard treatment?
In this situation opener bids what he wants to play. With 4-card he will bid 3 or 4, with 3 he will pass or bid 3m. So it is 3 for me. The only problem I see is how opener is ever able to determine ...
Reponder's 2NT after opener bid 1 major and rebid it when responder bids a two over one
There is no need to ask if opener has 5 or 6. He'll tell you anyway. While we're at it, I think a useful way of follow-up is to swap the meaning of opener's 3 and 3M, the former showing 6M the latter showing a club ...
What does the 3C bid mean?
Yu, it was intended only as an illustration of what the hand is worth if clubs are (or are not) trumps. You can include the Q to make it a response.
What should this bid mean
Upon reflection, I find no sensible meaning for this 3 bid. If it is invitational, it is likely to hit a big misfit, because the opps have not raised hearts so partner is practically certain to have short clubs. I guess opener does best not to support double with ...
What should this bid mean
45+ invitational for me, same as if partner had not doubled. A good argument to play 1-2 not to deny a 4-card major suit with GF strength.
What should this bid mean
What would the same 3 mean if partner hadn't doubled? Because if you haven't agreed what that means, you have no business playing the 1 opening.
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: AT7 AQ A876432 4
Spades are irrelevant to the case. I bid 3 as a substitute cuebid in search of a club stopper (I do not play showing cuebids). If I did play showing cuebids then I'd bid 3 over which my partner's 3 would ask me to bid ...
Which is the most descriptive sequence?
This is not a hand with which I would like to lose the club suit, so 2 for me. Besides, I like to bid suits where the queen is a filler, partner would upgrade that card when he would look at it with suspicion otherwise. Then 2NT because I ...

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